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A night at Boesmansdrift Farmhouse in Bonnievale

There’s nothing quite like spending a night in the country. The crisp, clean winter air and dead silence make me realise more and more how surrounded by air and noise pollution we are in the city. It also makes me savour every moment I get to spend in the countryside that much more.

Having never been to Bonnievale before, I didn’t really know what to expect. The only knowledge I had of the surrounding area was thanks to a weekend getaway in McGregor with my wife and two pups a couple of years ago, and we absolutely loved every moment we spent there.

I was in Bonnievale for the launch of Bonnievale Wines’ The River Collection, and was excited to hear that I would be staying at Boesmansdrift Farmhouse, along with a few other guests.

As usual, I did some research about the Farmhouse beforehand and, faced with beautiful images of both their grounds and the farmhouse itself, I was excited and eager to get there and explore.

Boesmansdrift Farmhouse

On arrival, it was everything I thought it would be and more. Think quiet and quaint with a lush garden, fruit orchids and a genuine country-living experience that you will remember for years to come.

You enter the house through Dutch doors – my fave – and are immediately drawn in by the warm lounge which is kitted out with the biggest fireplace I have ever seen, a wooden dining room table and comfortable couches equipped fluffy blankets for snuggling.

Other than the grand fireplace, two other things caught my eye almost immediately: the gorgeous vintage items I spotted throughout the house, and the magnificent (what I am guessing are) original wooden floors that creaked while you walked.

The farmhouse has two bathrooms, one with a shower and the other with both a shower and a bath, each of which is adorned with big mirrors and quirky accessories, adding to the overall look at the authenticity of the farmhouse.

Spread throughout the rest of the house are four spacious bedrooms, also decorated with kitsch items that give each room a unique look and homely feel. Two rooms have a set of single beds each, and the other two rooms have a double bed each.

The farmhouse also has a fully equipped kitchen, with a few bits and bobs – like tea and water – and all the all the amenities needed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner during a longer stay.

What’s more, there is a large patio with braai area where the braai masters of the family can get stuck in, the garden has a swing set and there is lots of green grass for picnics in summer.

My experience

Seeing as we were out all day and only returned to the farmhouse late in the evening, we did not really get to spend very much time at the accommodation itself.

However, the time we did spend at the farmhouse was spent getting ready and getting to know each other before we headed out to dinner.

When it came to showering and getting ready, the water warmed up quickly – which is really important to me, especially since we are still in a drought in Cape Town and I am super water-conscious all round, not wanting to waste a single drop – and the shower was spacious.

The towels were super soft and fluffy, perfect for stepping out into the cold after a hot shower, and were big enough to wrap my whole body in – there is nothing worse than tiny towels, especially in winter.

I was glad, however, that I took my own shower gel, as there was no soap in the shower, only hand sanitizing soap by the sink. That could have been a disaster!

Before we headed to dinner, we all congregated in the kitchen at the table, and it was lovely to spend time getting to know each other in a homely space. The kitchen is a fair size and, during another visit, I could see my wife and friends sitting around the table smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Once back from the evening event it was late, so I headed straight to bed. I slept in a room with two single beds, and I slept better than I have in a long time.

The mattress was comfortable, the sheets crisp and I was super warm (thanks to the panel heater and the fluffy blanket I borrowed from the lounge). I remember noticing how quiet it was as I climbed into bed, but drifted off to dreamland as soon as my head hit the pillow. Absolute bliss!


I also just want to point out how the farmhouse is super close to the centre of Bonnievale, making all the attractions and venues we were visiting a mere 5-minute drive and exploring Bonnievale easy and stress-free for those who get easily lost like me.

Overall, my short but sweet stay at Boesmansdrift Farmhouse was delightful, and I can’t wait to go back so I can not only explore more of Bonnievale, but so I can spend time taking advantage of all the wonderful things Boesmansdrift Farmhouse has to offer that I did not have the opportunity to experience this time around.

Sound like somewhere you would like to stay? Find out more and book your stay on their website:

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