Lindt’s personalised Easter treat

If you’re looking for the perfect chocolaty Easter treat this year, look no further! Lindt is taking Easter to a whole new level with their personalised 100g Easter Bunnies!

Okay, so here’s my (unsurprising) confession: I am a chocolate addict. I get my chocolate addiction (and serious sweet tooth) from my dad, and as far back as I can remember our fridge has always been home to an array of chocolate treats. Considering that we take some of this sweet stuff to bed with us – every night – and that it is always at the very top of our shopping lists, I think it’s safe to say that we have a problem.

This being said, when I saw that Lindt was offering to print personalised ribbons for their Easter bunnies at Pick n Pay, it was only natural that the first person I thought about was my dad – so off I went during my lunch hour!


When I arrived at the Pick n Pay at the V & A Waterfront, I was greeted by two friendly faces. I chose my three bunnies, went the the till and paid, and then brought them back to the two Lindt representatives standing behind their counter who would be printing the personalised ribbons. Next I had to write down the names I wanted printed on the ribbons, and then they got to work.

First, the Lindt representatives cut off the original iconic red ribbons and removed the bells. Then, once printed, the personalised ribbons were threaded through the bells and tied neatly around each of the bunny’s necks. They were perfect! Now, all I had to do was get them home 1. without eating them and 2. without them getting crushed while travelling by plane and car all the way to Botswana!

P.S. (You will be happy to know that they made it in one piece and that he loved it!).

Do you want your own specially personalised Lindt Gold Bunny? Find out where you can get yours, here.

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