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The Boldest Type is the brainchild of Claire Henderson, and was established (seriously) in mid-2016.

Stemming from her love of writing about everything she is attracted to and interested in, The Boldest Type is a place where she can talk about and express her feelings about the topics she is so passionate about.

The Boldest Type got its name from Claire’s desire to be bold and stand out, even though she is an introvert through and through.

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My name is Claire Henderson and I am the owner and editor of The Boldest Type, thank you for stopping by!

I am a British South African (with a twang, of course!) living in the Mother City with the love of my life and our two dogs: Zeke (a spotty Jack Russell), Bodhi (a golden Cocker Spaniel), and our cat Belle (the ginga-ninja).

Previously I worked for a decor and lifestyle magazine, before moving on to work for a content marketing and SEO company based in Dubai. Now I work for a prominent online news website editing health, food and travel-related content.

Except for being completely obsessed with my fur-babies and my wife, I swear a little too much, enjoy a good cuppa, and write about an array of things I love.

I’m glad you’re here, why not stay a while!


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