Add character to your devices with Wrap Stars

Gamers and tech lovers alike, listen up, there is an awesome new product on the market that will take your devices to the next level aesthetically and make all of your friends super jealous when they come round to get their game on!Wrap Stars provides their customers with locally made skins for an array of devices. These skins are not only easy on the eyes and a cost effective way to  change up the look of your gaming consol or laptop, but offers the additional perk of being a lightweight protection layer that will keep your devices free of scratches and damage, too.

These films (or skins) are super easy to apply and remove, giving you a non-permenant and creative way to supe up your chosen device for a week, month or year, before you decide it’s time for a change.

Catering for everyone with a Macbook, gaming console and mobile phone – which is most of us – Wrap Stars prints customisable, top quality skins that give your device a new look, and come in both matte and gloss finishes.

With unlimited options regarding design or pattern choices, and the option to design or use an image of your own, these top quality digital print and vinyl films are a must have for any tech lover.

Wrap Stars so kindly sent me a Crash Bandicoot printed skin – because it has to be my fave game in the world – to try out, and I am happy to report that I am more than happy with the skin and the overall application process.

The skin in thicker than I thought it was, so when you start applying it to your device it helps, as fewer bubbles (those annoying ones you usually get when applying a sceen cover on your phone) appear and, those that do appear, and are really easily removed.

Another aspect I liked quite a lot was it was easy to maneuver. By this I mean that if I had put a corner down and it was slightly off, I could lift it easily and replace.

The end result is gorgeous. It gave our PlayStation new life and, instead of being just another plain black consol sitting on our TV stand, it now has a little colour and a lot of character.

Thank you so much for generously sending me one of your skins, Wrap Stars. I already have an itch to get one for my laptop as I feel it could not only benefit from some jazzing up, but from a protection later, too! Super chuft.

To order your very own Wrap Stars skin, visit their website and get creative!

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