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Braving Brocka’s burgers

Brocka is a brand new Halal eatery at Canal Walk where you can get some of the biggest, juicest burgers in the Mother City. Jeanne and I were invited to their VIP opening, where we got a to taste a few of their super-tasty options. 

When we walked through the door we were greeted by friendly staff who handed us a welcome drink – a delicious mojito mocktail that was tastier than some alcoholic mojito cocktails I have had.


Brocka was inspired by street food and brings a little bit of urban-style to one of Cape Town’s largest and most popular shopping centres.

After having a look around, Jeanne and I found a seat in one the raised areas of the restaurant – by raised I mean that there are areas of the restaurant that are higher than others, making the space feel bigger and more spacious, which I loved. These little raised areas also felt a little more tucked away, meaning that they are great for date nights and snuggling up in the corner with your burger. Oh, I mean lover.

The first thing I noticed when we walked in was the amazing Brocka sign that was lit up so bright it would be hard to miss. Next, I noticed the kitchen was housed in a container, which I thought was so freaking cool and gave the restaurant an amazing urban feel. A few other things that stood out to me were the colours – the yellow and black contrast was so eye-catching – and the amazing industrialised copper chairs, which also added to the urban-feel.


Now on to the good stuff, the food! We had the option of choosing from a variety of their burgers, ribs and wings. Jeanne and I however chose the same burger (I know, boring, but it sounded too good to be true!) – Mexican Feast – some chips, a chicken wing and a couple of ribs because, well, we had to try a little bit of everything.

The burger

The Mexican Feast burger is made up of hand pressed beef, chilli poppers, chilli sauce and avo – Jeanne had one made without avo because she is allergic, obvs.

We chose to go with the Mexican Feast because of the chilli poppers and because I am a sucker for punishment – meaning that I don’t actually like hot food, but it sounded too tasty to pass up.

Well, I was so glad – in between a drink of water or two – that we went with the Mexican Feast because, even though it was kak hot, it was so freaking delicious.

The meat was so tender and cooked to perfection, the chilli poppers were filled to the brim with cheese, and the avo helped to kind of cool things down. Plus, there was tonnes of fresh salad which added a nice crunch.

Waffles and shakes

I’m not a huge waffle fan. The best waffle I ever had was in Belgium, and that is for obvious reasons. Anyway, Jeanne is a huge waffle fan and had been craving a waffle for literally weeks before we went to Brocka, so when I told her that they were on the menu, she was so stoked. 

When the waffles can around, we had the opportunity to not only try one waffle, but two! Urgh, just thinking about them is making me liss. 

The first waffle we tried was ‘Unusual Suspect’, which consisted of maple syrup, banana and ground monkey nuts (picture above), and the second waffle was ‘Rocky Road’, which was made up of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and nuts (picture below).

I must admit, being a banana fan, I enjoyed ‘Unusual Suspect’ more. However, both were super tasty and enjoyable, and I would go back for more definitely.

Now, I would like to think that ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ but, let’s face it, it just doesn’t. However, Brocka’s does! The boys literally flock there. I think they flock there for the ‘Gold Diggers’ if you ask me. Oh, that’s what the milkshake (in the picture above) is called. Sorry, not sorry for the really bad joke. 

Anyway, ‘Gold Diggers’ is a caramel milkshake topped with caramel popcorn and a Flake. You had me at chocolate and caramel… *drools*. They also have a chocolate, peppermint and bubblegum-inspired shakes – something for everyone, I think. Mmmm…

Burgers and shakes. Shakes and burgers. What on earth could be better? Oh, yeah, burgers, shakes and waffles, that’s what! I was bowled over by our introductory experience at Brocka, and I am looking forward to going back with my wife, friends, family and, well, by myself if I must – which I don’t think will happen.

You will find Brocka at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, opposite the Pick n’ Pay. 

Head on down to Brocka and brave a burger or two – if you dare. Have you already been? What do you think? What did you have? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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