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Carmien Teatox

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been taking part in Carmien’s teatox, a natural detox that includes simply drinking two of their brand-spanking-new and freaking delicious teas every morning and every evening. I’m not complaining.
I am tea obsessed, so when I heard that Carmien released a set of brand-new tea to help you detox, I really wanted to give them a go before our wedding.

Today I am going to give you a little run down on what Carmien’s teatox is all about, what ingredients make up the teas, and go in to detail about my personal teatox experience.

The two teas

The descriptions of the two teas in the detox range and the teatox bath bag on the website read as follows:

1. Carmien energise

The Energise tea is a blend of buchu, hoodia, guarana and raspberry flavoured Rooibos. Best to drink in the morning to energise your day. Hoodia was traditionally used to suppress appetite and Buchu helps to reduce water retention and to flush away toxins in the body.


• Rooibos tea: energising, fat burning, immunity boosting
• Guarana fruit (contains caffeine): cleansing, endurance, weight loss
• Hoodia: appetite suppressant
• Buchu: detox agent, appetite suppressant, relieves symptoms of high blood pressure, reduces water retention

2. Carmien cleanse

The Cleanse tea is a perfectly selected blend of natural herbs, senna, lemongrass, ginger, spearmint and green Rooibos. Best to drink in the evenings to give the herbs time to do their cleansing. Senna is known as a mild natural laxative. Lemongrass, ginger and mint soothe and ease digestion and will help relieve the bloated feeling after eating.


• Rooibos tea: energising, fat burning, immunity boosting
• Ginger root: anti-bloating digestive aid, aphrodisiac
• Lemongrass: relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial
• Peppermint: anti-bloating, digestive and colic relief
• Senna leaves: natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight loss

End your day with a relaxing hot Teatox bath

The best part of your day! This aids and enhances the body’s natural detoxification process. Our bodies get rid of toxins via the liver which converts metabolic waste to water-soluble compounds which is then excreted by urinating. Other waste products are excreted in the bile. A hot bath encourages sweating which is yet another way of eliminating toxins (please be water-wise and respect water restrictions in your area). Draw a hot bath and add two sachets of Teatox bath salts consisting of choice rooibos and epsom salt combined with a beautifully fragrant blend of calendula, rose petals, lavender, camomile flowers and rose buds.


• Eases stress and improves sleep and concentration
• Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
• Improves oxygen use
• Flushes out toxins
• Improves absorption of nutrients
• Helps prevent or ease migraine headaches

***Please Note:

Start off with 1 cup of Energise in the morning and 1 cup of Cleanse in the evening and increase to 2 or more as your body adjusts. Each person responds differently to the combination of ingredients in the teas, especially its energising and cleansing effects. A stubborn system may require more whereas a sensitive system may find 1 or 2 cups sufficient.

Why teatox?

Now if all the benefits listed above do not convince you that teatoxing is a healthier and more natural way to get rid of your body’s toxins, here is a little more info on why you should choose to give your body the teatox it deserves:

  1. The teas are safe and easy to consume
  2. They are full of vitamins and natural antioxidants
  3. They included nothing but all natural ingredients
  4. There is no diet required, just healthy eating and normal exercising for best results

Also, here are a couple of my reasons why you should give this teatox a go:

  1. They smell and taste delicious
  2. They are easy to add to your daily routine
  3. It’s tea. I mean, come on.

On a serious note though, teatoxing will help you get your body back to its optimal health in a safe and natural way. Carmien uses rooibos in conjunction with two specially formulated detox combinations in both their Energise and Cleanse teas which will aid your body in bouncing back from those moments when we (all) overindulge or stray from our healthy lifestyle.

Because, let’s face it, it happens to the best of us.

It is good to note that teatoxing doesn’t have to be a permeant fixture in your daily routine, as you can use it as much or as little as you would like to – whether it be for a week every month, or less than that.

Equally, if you enjoy the teas and the effects they have on you and your body, the teas can be used as much as you like – even permanently. This is because the teas are natural and safe to continue with daily.

Periodic cleansing, however, can help to flush out the toxins that have built up in your body and ease headaches, sluggishness and chronic disease, as well and bloating.

My Carmien Teatox journey

What drew me to the Carmien Teatox range was the fact that it was tea, and because I have been too scared to try any other detox regime that ‘requires’ you to give up solids, cut out everything you enjoy (I simply refuse to give up chocolate, sorry), and the dramatic weight-loss I have seen some of my friends go through – which, if that’s why you are doing a detox, great, but I weigh next to nothing and do not need to lose any weight.

I also liked the fact that all you needed to do was drink delicious tea (which I drink copious amounts of anyway) and eat healthier – which we have been trying to do for the last few months, so it fitted quite well. It just seemed simple and stress-free.

Starting off my teatox journey, I had one energise and one cleanse tea for a week, before moving on to two energise and one cleanse for the second week.

After the days I went to roller derby – a Tuesday and Wednesday night – I would make a cup of Recovery, which is also new, came in my teatox box and is part of the ‘wellness’ range. This blend includes rooibos, buchu (known for its anti-inflammatory properties) and grapeseed extract (a source of antioxidants). All of these ingredients make it perfect for those leading a busy lifestyle and supporting sports recovery.

Unfortunately, due to the crippling drought here in Cape Town, I have not been able to use my Carmien Teatox Bathbag, so I do not have any feedback regarding that product.

What the teas taste like: Both the energise and the cleanse teas are fresh, enjoyable and easy-to-drink. I haven’t had a single morning where I have woken up dreading heading for the kettle.

All the strong flavours from each of the ingredients come through in each mouthful, and to be honest I would choose to drink this tea whether it was a detox tea or not.

How I feel: After two weeks of drinking one cup of each tea for the first week, and two cups of energise in the morning and one cup of cleanse in the evening (with recovery added in when needed), my body feels completely different.

I feel a little lighter, like I have a little more energy than before, and I feel healthier – and this has happened just in two weeks from starting my teatox! Additionally, I feel as though I am making it through my work days without feeling as tired or lacklustre – if that makes sense.

It is safe to say that I have:

  1. dealt with a lot less headaches
  2. feel a lot less sluggish
  3. and when I was on my period, for example, I was a lot less bloated.

**Warning, overshare (but necessary info) below**

As someone who struggles with my digestive system at times, not going to the bathroom for sometimes 4-5 days, I was excited to try the cleanse tea blend. Since I have been drinking the cleanse tea it has not only helped to regulate my digestive system, but has helped with any pain and discomfort that usually comes with constipation.

Basically, Carmien’s teatox range does what it says on the box, and I am so happy with the results. I feel like I will use it periodically, maybe one a month for a week to keep up with all the benefits I have felt while using it and will be recommending it to my sister – wh0 has been looking for a ‘better’ and easier way to detox, and buying these products regularly.

The teas are prices at R25 each and come in a box of 20 tagless teabags – a bargain for a detox in my opinion! Or you can buy the whole gift pack (which includes Energise, Cleanse, Refresh and a Teatox bath bag), for R110.

You can purchase Carmien’s broad range of teas (including a whole lots of new ones – I really want to try the Orange Choc so bad!) and the detox range online.

There are also a number of amazing iced tea recipes made with the teatox range on their website that I cannot wait to try out this summer! You can see them, here.

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