“On a Cloud” with Fair and Square

Fair and Square, owned by talented artist Ashleigh, is an amazing online store where you can purchase a selection of original oil paintings that you can hang on your walls to give your chosen space a pop of colour. Ashleigh reached out to me and gave me the amazing opportunity to choose a piece from her website to adorn a wall in my home, and with 10 amazing designs to choose from, I found it really hard. So hard that I had to ask Jeanne for her opinion!

Each piece is really different from the next and I think I found it so hard to choose because I loved an aspect from each of the pieces. But, in the end, it came down to “On a Cloud” and “Candy Floss”.

I was originally attracted to “Candy Floss” because it was so bright, and the magenta pink was unmissable. However, the soft swirls and baby hues that made up “On a Cloud” sealed the deal for me, as it looked like the colours were dancing on the canvas.

Another aspect that drew me to “On a Cloud” was the 3D-ness of it. The swirls stand off of the canvas, giving it a three-dimensional feel that is unique and, well, in my opinion, represents clouds and their movement.

I chose to put “On a Cloud” above my desk, simply because – as weird as this might sound – glancing up at its soft colours and beautiful swirls makes me feel a sense of calm when I am stressed out.

Equally, I thought a piece this beautiful should be looked at every day and not shut in a spare room on hidden in a passageway. Ashleigh puts so much time, effort and love in to each of her artworks and it shows, it deserves pride of place!

Fair and Square Information

There are 10 designs to choose from on the Fair and Square website. Once you have chosen the piece you want, you then get to choose the colour you would like it in and the size of the canvas. The canvas sizes come in:

  • 30x30cm
  • 40x40cm
  • 50x50cm
  • and 60x60cm

Obviously, the size you choose will depend on the space you will be displaying it in. The larger the space, the larger you can go in canvas size. Each of the pieces start at R250 for 30x30cm and then increase and the canvas size increases.

The ordering process is really simple, once you have chosen your design, colour, size and how many you want, you add them to your basket, choose your delivery option and go through a secure payment process.

You then will receive your artwork once Ashleigh has created it and it has dried. It really is that simple!

If you want your very own work of art, take a look at the available designs and place your order on Fair and Square’s website.

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