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Cook up a storm with ‘Like A Chef’! (+ coupon code)

Cooking is not everybody’s forte, and that’s okay. I wouldn’t don myself as anything more than an amateur chef who likes to dabble in the kitchen and eat (better) food other people make. 

But, even if cooking is something you enjoy or don’t mind doing, there are days when you just can’t be bothered, right? Well, this is where ‘Like A Chef‘ comes in. 

What is ‘Like A Chef’?

‘Like A Chef’ offers couples and families a simple way to cook dinner through their ‘meal kit dinners’ in a box concept.

How does ‘Like A Chef’ work?

Firstly you start off by choosing your a (classic, pork-free, foodie or wholesome) and then the amount of people you are cooking for (2 or 4).

Once ordered, a box will show up at your door a few days later filled to the brim with all the ingredients needed to make three delicious meals. 

What does each box contain?

Each box contains enough fresh ingredients to cook three healthy and well-balanced meals for the selected amount of people and a recipe card that is laminated and that you can keep. (Note: You can also request your recipe in PDF format or PDF and print format when ordering).

Additionally, there are polystyrene inserts and ice packs to keep the food chilled for up to eight hours. 

Note: You can unpack your box once delivered and send back the box, polystyrene, and plastic with the driver, and ‘Like A Chef’ will recycle all of the bits and pieces on your behalf if you don’t/can’t do it yourself. 

How much does a ‘Like A Chef’ meal kit cost? 

Each box is a different price. The prices are as followed: 

  • Classic: 2 people – R630 / 4 people – R860 (Well balanced recipes that the whole family can enjoy!)
  • Pork-free: 2 people – R630 / 4 people – R860 (The pork-free option…)
  • Foodie: 2 people – R650 / 4 people – R870 (Inspiration for the aspiring chef.)
  • Wholesome: 2 people – R600 / 4 people – R760 (Great food doesn’t have to be complicated…)

My ‘Like A Chef’ experience 

I was lucky enough to be invited by the founder of ‘Like A Chef’, Jolin Judd, to a one-of-a-kind ‘Like A Chef’ experience where a few bloggers and media guests had the opportunity to prepare and cook two of the ‘Like A Chef’ meal kits. 

We were split into two groups and each given the choice of cooking either mushroom, bacon and green bean gnocchi or trout with asparagus and tomato relish. 

Team trout! 

I chose the team cooking the trout, as I had never cooked trout before and wanted to get in on all of the tricks and secrets of cooking such a deliciously oily and rich fish. 

Once complete, we finally got to taste the fruits of our labour in the form of an extravagant three-course (savoury) meal and, spoiler alert, it was to die for. 

Clinton Morgan’s delicious bobotie.

The first course was a starter portion of lentil bobotie, which was prepared earlier by Clinton Morgan – published food stylist and food content creator -followed by the trout paired with asparagus and tomato relish and ending off with a plateful of mushroom, bacon and green bean gnocchi. 

The whole experience was divine. We met new foodies, prepared and cooked delicious meals together and then had the opportunity to sit around a table and talk about our hopes, dreams and everything food-related that makes us happy. 

Trout with asparagus, tomato relish and honey and mustard sauce. 

But, my ‘Life A Chef’ experience didn’t end there. If I didn’t think I was already lucky enough to spend an entire afternoon with an amazing group of foodies doing what we love, each of us got a ‘Like A Chef’ box to take home with us, too! 

Cooking ‘Like A Chef’ at home

On our way out, each of us got a ‘Like A Chef’ meal box to take home with us, so we could trial cooking one of their meal boxes at home.

I honestly couldn’t wait to try it out with Jean, as we both love spending time together in the kitchen.

Inside the box was a Chicken Pot Pie meal for four and, if I am not mistaken, I think I squealed when I read the recipe card. Jean and I love pie, and Jean has her own special pie she cooks me every now and again.

What the box looks like inside. 

It was so nice to experience preparing and cooking one of the ‘Like A Chef’ boxes at home, as it was completely different to sharing all of the tasks with a group of other foodies, as well as getting it all done in our own kitchen after a long day at work.

It really was as easy and as simple as hauling all of the ingredients out of the fridge when we were tired, prepping everything and putting it all together using the recipe card in the least amount of time possible. 

But, I think the most amazing part of the entire experience was the fact that the pie was nothing short of incredible. Would I do it again, yes, yes and yes again! And you should, too…

Get money off your first order

As promised, if you want to try out ‘Like A Chef’ yourself, get some money off with coupon code: LAUNCH150, valid till January 31, 2019.

For more information and to find out what is on their menu this week, visit their website. To keep up to date with all the latest news, make sure to like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram

Have you already tried one of their meal boxes? Let me know in the comment section down below what meals you received and your thoughts on the concept.

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