Creating cocktails with SA Vine Share and GUDGU cordials

This week I was invited to take part in my very first TweetUp in collaboration with SA Vine Share and GUDGU. Here’s what went down.


GUDGU (Goedheid Uit Die Grond Uit – translating to ‘goodness from the earth’) is a proudly South African company that manufactures sugar and sugar-free cordials.

GUDGU products are hand-made using only the best ingredients, the traditional way, packed with flavour, and contain only the best quality ingredients.

Other details

Dilution measurements: Dilute GUDGU cordials 1:6 (or to taste) with water, sparkling water or soda water to make a refreshing cold drink, a GUDGU Cocktail or Mocktail, or just to flavour your water with.

Available Cordial flavours: Blueberry, Buchu, Elderflower, Ginger, Granadilla, Lavender, Lemonade, Lime, Orange Blossom, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Rooibos, Strawberry, Turkish Delight, Tonic Water Cordial.

NB: Everything is available in GUDGU BANTING and DIABETIC friendly sugarFREE Cordials and their normal Sugar Range. Other interesting facts about GUDGU cordials include:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Sugar-free
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Low carb
  • Keto friendly
  • Banting friendly
  • Paleo friendly
  • Gluten free
  • ADHD friendly
  • Autism-friendly
  • Perfect for those who are health and fitness conscious
  • The Xylitol and Stevia are blended in a certain way to reduce the after taste to almost zero

The shelf life of GUDGU cordials: Sugar Cordials – 3 year if stored in a cool dark area, and sugarFREE cordials – 1 year if kept in your refrigerator after opened.

Price point:

  • sugarFREE (750ml) – R119.95
  • Regular/Full sugar (750ml) – R99.95

A little more about sugarFREE: 

GUDGU boasts a banting- and diabetic-friendly range of cordials for the carb-conscious that is guilt- and sugar-free, containing all-natural ingredients with no unnatural preservatives or colourants added.

Five of my fave GUDGU cocktails:

*PinkMojito GUDGU Pink Lemonade Cordial, vodka, soda water, fresh mint, lemon and lime slices and a small red chilli or a strawberry.

*BlueBerryBliss  GUDGU Blueberry Cordial, vodka, soda water, garnish with lemon slices, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice.

*LusciousLitchi  GUDGU Litchi Cordial, vodka, soda water, garnish with lemon slices, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice.

*TurkishDelight  GUDGU Turkish Delight Cordial, vodka, soda water, garnish with lemon slice, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice.

*StrawberryDaiquiri (Diluted 1:4 GUDGU Strawberry Cordial in a slushy machine, Vodka,  garnish with lemon slices, a quarter strawberry and/or pomegranate pips, and a pineapple slice.Back to the top

My short but sweet review

The two cordials I received were both tasty and refreshing, each giving my cocktails the much-needed kick of flavour and taking them to the next level of tastiness.

Each of the fruity profiles came through more than I thought they would – the lemonade being tart and sharp, and the granadilla being quite sweet (although sugar-free) and smooth.

I did, however, find that I needed to use a little more of the granadilla cordial (more than the recommended dilution ration), but that might be because I like things more on the sweet side and a stronger than most.

Overall, they were both great tasting and we have polished off quite a bit of the bottles already! I think they are very versatile and a great addition to your fridge. Whether you want to dress up your boring glass of water or get creative when it comes to cocktails (both alcoholic and virgin), GUDGU certainly has us covered.

The TweetUp – How it works

A group of bloggers are sent a product to use and review – this time it was GUDGU – and, on a specific day at a specific time we all share the product/s we received and what we made with them.

If you missed the TweetUp, here are my Tweets (including recipes):

To find the rest of the crew’s cocktail recipes and find out what they experimented with, search the hashtags: #SAVineShare or #GUDGU.

GUDGU contact details

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram handle: GUDGUFOODS

Have you tried one of more of GUDGU’s cordials already? If so, what flavour did you try and what did you think? If you have not tried one yet, what flavour would you like to try first? Let me know in the comment section below.

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