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De Grendel brings style to cider with Three Spades

Introducing De Grendel’s Three Spades cider, the perfect addition to sundowners on the stoep next to a warm fire now autumn has come knocking.

About Three Spades Cider

Made using five different apple varieties – 30% Golden Delicious, 30% Granny Smith, 20% Pink Lady, 10% Braeburn and 10% Fuji – Three Spades offers drinkers an almost champagne-type flavour that is light and crisp, making it deliciously perfect for all seasons and occasions.

According to De Grendel, Three Spades Cider compliments roast pork, creamy sauces, chicken and, of course, apple crumble (as well as other apple dishes). Equally a bottle (or two) or Three Spades Cider is easily enjoyed on its own with lots of ice or straight out of the fridge.

When it comes to presentation, De Grendel got it right. There are three little spades both on the label and on the bottle cap, which ‘is the most distinctive element of the De Grendel Wine crest’, and the bottle is shaped like mini champagne bottle symbolising ‘fun, mini celebration, as well as luxury’.

It’s important to know that Three Spades Cider is available in limited volumes from De Grendel Tasting Room, and is priced at R35 per bottle or R590 for a case of 16 bottles.

My review

I tried Three Spades while my dad is here visiting with my step-momma, so we all had the opportunity to sample this delish cider together (there was also a lot of hinting going on re: the incredible branded goodies that came in the box, so I am going to let him choose something to take home for his bar collection).

First up, I did not know exactly what was being delivered, so when I opened the box and found cider – along with those incredible extra goodies I spoke about – I was pleasantly surprised and could not wait to crack one open with my pops.

From the very first sip, you can immediately tell that Three Spades is made with freshly pressed pure apple juice and not apple concentrate, as it’s sweet but not sickly, and has a little tartness that only adds to its delightful flavour profile.

The night we tried Three Spades we cooked a juicy roast chicken (in a cooking bag) with cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce, so we could try it with one of the recommended meals (roast meat and a creamy sauce).

We all sat and ate in silence as we enjoyed both our dinner and the cider together. Paired perfectly, dinner and Three Spades went down a treat, as the glistening champagne-like liquid complimented the flavours of the roast meat and creamy cheese sauce perfectly.

Overall Three Spades is a very smooth cider with beautifully rich flavours, making it ideal for first-time cider drinkers and veteran drinkers alike. Three Spades’ flavour profile makes it a unique cider that, in my opinion, could be enjoyed anywhere, anytime and paired with anything.

It’s smooth and enjoyable both in summer and now in the cooler days and nights, and I have sipped on this gorgeously golden liquid both while munching on a salad and while eating a hearty roast, making it incredibly versatile.

Three Spades is not a cider I would keep for special occasions, but a cider I would simply crack open when I want something glorious to enjoy. It’s way too good to ‘save’ for another day, trust me!

Interested in buying your very own Three Spades Cider? Treat yourself to a case (not only for a special occasion) on De Grendel’s website for R590 (FYI: you can also get 10% off your first online order if you sign up to their newsletter). 

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