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Sweetie Box – December

So, I am a bit late with what was in the December Sweetie Box because of the festive season and taking a break to enjoy spending every moment I could with my mum and step-dad who are here visiting (I have not seen them in over a year!). So let’s get into it, shall we? Better late than never…

Here’s what Sweetie Box subscribers would have received when they got their box last month, and what I think about the products.

Sweetie Box December Contents

Yay, I got my wish, as the December Sweetie Box was filled to the brim with festive goodies (in both shape and colour)!

  • Gummy Bears: There are some things that are so good they just never get old and these classics are the perfect example… invented nearly 100-years ago and still absolutely divine.
  • Tangy Strawberry and Vanilla Bones: Soft but chewy bone shaped sugar coated treats with a tart and tangy flavour punch!
  • Christmas Trees: A festive snack for the season, these chewy Christmas tree-shaped dummies taste like sweet apple and strawberry.
  • Snowmen: These sugar coated snowman gummy bears have nothing on Frosty! With colourful pink and green gummy snowmen in each bag, these are the perfect treats to dress up your holiday candy dish.
  • Aussie Style Red Licorice: Soft and sweet, this strawberry0flavoured liquorice is brimming with classic “red” taste in every bite.
  • Granadilla Sorbet Fudge from Sweet Angels: Pure and original pleasure… no apologies made. This is without shame the most seductive of flavours. Hints of smooth ice cream with the tang of granadilla beautifully in perfect textured fudge.
  • Melktert Fudge from Sweet Angels: A South African classic! A subtle blend of cinnamon in rich sweet milk pudding. Just enough spice to leave you wondering… “Haai Tannie, what you suggesting?”

My Thoughts on the Box

  • Gummy Bears: Guys, nothing will ever beat Gummy Bears. Well, at least I don’t think anything could possibly beat Gummy Bears. These classics are just the absolute best, and were (and still are) the first thing I put in my pick and mix when I visit Sweets from Heaven. These green, red, yellow and orange sweet, soft and sugary bears would be welcome anytime, guys. Seriously. Rated: 5/5
  • Tangy Strawberry and Vanilla Bones: Jeanne’s fave sweeties in the box – yes, I am learning to share. A little – I only got to try a mere handful of these scrumptious vanilla and strawberry bones before Jeanne took the box to work with her! My second fave chews in the box, these bones were tasty, filled with flavour and consisted of two of my fave flavours. Rated: 4/5
  • Christmas Trees: The softest treats in the box, I was delighted to get these green and red trees in the box, as they suited the festive season and tasted so freaking good. Packed with strawberry-licious and apple-licious flavour, as soon as you start chewing your mouth quite literally filled with delicious fruity juice. Nom nom. Rated: 3/5
  • Snowmen: These frosty little snowmen were an absolute hit, and were the furthest thing from frosty. Coated in a layer of crunchy sugar, it’s a delicious contrast in comparison to the soft, spongy sweetie that lay below it. Rated: 3/5
  • Aussie Style Red Liquorice: My least favourite product in the box, for no other reason than I am not a big fan of liquorice rope, I was not particularly looking forward to trying out this product. However, when I popped a piece in my mouth, I was pleasantly surprised and, although I would not buy this product at the shop, I really enjoyed it as an addition to the box. Soft and sweet, they were a pleasure to enjoy as a treat after dinner. Rated: 2/5
  • Granadilla Sorbet Fudge from Sweet Angels: I broke off a little piece of this fudge to taste, as I was a little hesitant about fruity flavoured fudge – which I normally avoid, to be honest – and popped it in my mouth. My first thought was how amazingly tangy it was, and how it immediately started to melt in my mouth. The second thought that crossed my mind, was that this lip-smacking fudge had actual granadilla seeds in it which gave it a little crunch – my absolute fave part. Freaking amazing addition to the box. Rated: 5/5
  • Melktert Fudge from Sweet Angels: Milktert is my favourite dessert of all time, so I was hesitant to try this fudge. You know, just in case it did not live up to the amazing South African dessert. However, I was very surprised to find that once it started to melt in my mouth, the familiar flavours of milk and cinnamon took over my taste buds and I felt like I had a mouthful of the real deal. Rated: 5/5

I say it every month, but the boys at Sweetie Box have yet again blown my socks off with the amazing contents in last month’s box. 2017 is going to be sweet, I can feel it in my tastebuds!

You can buy your very own Sweetie Box on their website, and you can read all about what was in the November box, here.

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