Disclaimer and Disclosure

I like to be completely and utterly honest with my readers, as you are very important to both me and The Boldest Type. In order to be as transparent as possible, please read the following disclaimer and disclosure.



  • Everything you read on The Boldest Type is my own personal views and opinions, none of which have been influenced whatsoever by brands or PR agencies.
  • There are advice pieces that feature on The Boldest Type and, although I research all of the topics thoroughly, there may be discrepancies. All information you consume on The Boldest Type is, to my knowledge, true, although it should be consumed and used at your own risk.
  • Please share my articles, but remember that the exclusive copyright stays with The Boldest Type, and only The Boldest Type. If you want to republish any information or an article published on The Boldest Type, please contact me first.
  • Most of the images used on The Boldest Type are my own. All images that are supplied or downloaded from stock websites will be labelled as such. Please do not take images off The Boldest Type, if I do find any of my images or articles have been used without my written permission, I will take legal action. You have been warned.
  • The Boldest Type reserves the right to change any aspect of the blog at any time, including shutting down the web page or changing the terms of use without any notice.
  • All comments that are submitted to The Boldest Type are reviewed before they are published. The Boldest Type does not tolerate any inappropriate comments and reserves the right to delete any and all spam, irrelevant and malicious content that is submitted.
  • There are specific competition terms and conditions which you will find here.


  • The Boldest Type belongs to Claire Henderson and is a personal blog that was founded in 2016.
  • Occasionally The Boldest Type gets sent a product for free for review, this is at The Boldest Type’s discretion and we do not take advantage of this amazing gesture. The Boldest Type will never accept payment for a review and all reviews will include nothing but my personal, unbiased opinion no matter what, good or bad (because that’s what reviews are for, right?!).
  • The Boldest Type will always state if a product was received for free at the beginning of a blog post, however, as I am not paid for these reviews, I am not obliged to report back about any products, events or services that I feel do not match with my views or ethos.
  • The Boldest Type receives a lot of Press Releases – mostly about events and some products – and we choose to use the ones we are interested in. However, we do try to make them our own while still reporting the facts and necessary information.

Privacy Policy

There will be times when you will be asked to provide The Boldest Type with your personal information, whether it be your phone number, email address, your physical address or all of the mentioned.

Please be assured that all the information you submit to The Boldest Type is private and will never – under any circumstances – be distributed to any third-parties, nor will it be used for any other purpose than stated. For example, we may need to collect your information in order to deliver a prize you have won through a competition.

Social Media

If we are paid to run an advert on our social media platforms, the advert will be followed by #ad / #sponsored / #contest to make it completely clear to our followers, on Facebook or Instagram we may elaborate, and if reviewing a product through a video, we will state so from the very beginning.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s work together!

There are certain things that all bloggers/writes will do for free, and there are things that require payment. If you are wondering what my requirement are, check them out below. I would love to work with you!

Additionally I would like to note that I have a fulltime job, so it’s pretty impossibly for me to attend events during the day from Monday – Friday.

For free, I can:

  • Feature your restaurant, café or foodie establishment after arranging a review. Once a date and time has been set, I will be more than welcome to write up a full review on everything I have eaten and had to drink with images. The review will be unbiased and give my readers the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Feature a product you have sent me or other service I have tried out. I would love to try our your product and, if you choose to send one my way, I will write something about it on my blog at my discretion and if I feel it needs a full review. Otherwise, I will feature it on my social media platforms. The same goes to any leisurely experience you might invite me to.
  • Attend your event. Although whether or not I write about it would be up to my discretion.

If you pay me, I can:

  • Write commissioned articles or reviews. These can be the length of your choice and either in print of online.
  • Feature a giveaway. These can be done through my social media platforms and/or my blog.

What I won’t do at all, ever. So don’t even ask:

  • Copy and paste press releases. If the content has not been written by me, it won’t go up on my blog. It’s my scared space where I am creative and share products and thought I love with my readers. Generic copy just doesn’t do it for me.
  • Write up a review of a product, place or event that I have not been to, sampled or experienced myself in the flesh. How can I possibly write up a good review of a place, experience or dish that I have not seen with my own eyes or tasted personally?
  • Guest posts. I am just not at the point where I am excepting guest posts.
  • Work for free for ‘exposure’. Not going to happen.

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