DIY: Glittery gold jars

So, this is not a new trend – as you will find 1000s of images of these glittery jars on Pinterest – but we loved the idea so much that we decided to make our own for our wedding.

During a morning off, I decided to give the idea a go before I made the real ones for our wedding, a test run if you will, to make sure that it all worked out okay and that they didn’t look, well, shit. So here goes!

What you will need:

  • Your jar(s)
  • Hodge podge glue
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • Your chosen shade of glitter (we chose gold as it is one of our wedding colours)
  • Lots and lots of newspaper
  • Piece of paper or card or a doubled-over piece of newspaper (what I used to pour the glitter fall-off back into the jar)
  • Fairy lights (optional)

What I have not used but am going to purchase for my next trial run:

  • Gloss top coat (to seal the glitter in place and stop fall off)
  • Spray paint (to create a base colour, you will see why later)

What to do:

Step one

To start off, make sure to lay out a big section of newspaper on your floor or table – I did this on the floor – as it all gets very messy!

Then you will need to choose where you would like your glitter to end. I chose to do mine quite high up, but not to the very top to see what the final product looked like.

When you have chosen how high you want your glitter, apply your masking tape around your jar. This will give you a night straight line of glitter when you’re finished and ensure that you don’t mess.

If you are choosing to freehand your glitter, you can apply different patterns or shapes, apply your masking tape at an angle or use it to make stripes, it’s up to you.

For my first go, I decided to go the boring route just so that I could see whether or not I liked the final outcome.

Step two

Once you have applied your making tape, it’s time to get sticky. Coat your paint brush with your hodge podge and start applying it to the glass.

I was worried that the glue was very streaky, but don’t worry, that does not show through at all when you apply the glitter the does not affect the final product whatsoever.

I did get a bit messy, which is why I had like 5 layers of newspaper and the masking tape was very handy.

Step three and four

Once your jar is completely covered in glue, it’s time to get sparkly! I bought my glitter at the Chinese Plaza and it came in a handy shaking bottle, which really helped when applying. If yours does not come like that, maybe use an old spice bottle or salt shaker. This helpful shaker bottle really helped when it came to not spilling huge amounts of glitter everywhere.

Once I applied the glitter all over the jar, I tapped it lightly on my doubled-over newspaper to get rid of any fall-off and set it down to dry (leaving it to dry is step 4).

After setting it on the side to dry, I picked up my doubled-over newspaper with all of the fall off glitter and folded it and tipped it all back into the glitter jar to avoid waste (I have a lot of jars still to do!) And that’s it!

Final product

This is the final product, and I think it’s very cute. Jeanne and I bought a whole load of fairy lights from the Chinese Plaza, too, to place inside our jars to light them up on our wedding day, so I think they are going to look very pretty on the tables.

What I would do differently (take two!)

So, there are quite a few things I would do differently, all of which I think will enhance the way that the jars look. This first experiment was a learning experience, and these are the few things I want to try next:

  1. Applying a base coat of gold spray paint before adding the glitter, as I feel like only one layer of glitter is very thin. However, Jeanne really likes the first look, but I would just like to see what it would look like with a base. Although I am not sure whether or not you would see the fairy lights then, which would be a problem.
  2. Maybe I should try adding two layers of glitter instead? Or use a chunkier glitter? I could try two layers and use a spray adhesive instead, as I think by adding another layer of hodge podge and I am more likely to take half of the first layer of glitter off in the applying process.
  3. There is still a lot of fall off from the jar, so I feel as though I definitely need a gloss top coat in order to seal the glitter and avoid losing any more sparkle!

Overall I really love my first attempt and it’s definitely something Jeanne and I will be doing for our wedding – when we find the ideal method. The jars will be filled with Baby’s Breath, and I really think they will look stunning in the middle of the tables.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment down below!

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