DIY pallet wood signs

From the very beginning of our wedding planning journey, Jeanne and I decided that we were going to make a couple of the décor items we wanted to be used. Jeanne and I made the amazing gold glittery jars that will be housing fairy lights and flowers on our tables a few weeks ago, and this week it was Jeanne’s turn to make some signs out of pallet wood.

We bought two pallets from Builders Warehouse – which cost a mere R20 each, total bargain – as well as an electric sander in order to smooth them both down quickly and ensure they turn about exactly how we want them. Jeanne had previously bought a soldering iron, too, which she would use to burn our quotes and designs into the wood.

This past weekend Jeanne’s brother, his wife and daughter visited, which gave Jeanne the ideal opportunity to get stuck in to this DIY project – as it would have needed two strong people, but I did not know that! I just assumed we would be able to get on with it ourselves. Well, when I saw them both struggling to get the planked dissembled in one piece, I was glad there was extra muscle involved!

Once dissembled, Deon (Jeanne’s brother) got sanding, while Jeanne slapped some meat on the braai and we all caught up around the table. Jeanne’s sister-in-law just found out she was pregnant, so there was lots to talk about and catch up on, and we are so excited to have another little niece or nephew joining the crew.

When each plank was sanded down to Jeanne’s satisfaction – and sanded some more – we left the planks over night. On Sunday morning, Jeanne brought them inside and started to stencil on the quote we wanted to use. She did this by printing out the quote we wanted on to normal paper and then, using a permanent marker, drew around the letters and letting the ink go through the paper and marking the wood ever-so-lightly.

We did it this way because we did not have any carbon paper – which is the method we would normally use – and we were too lazy on a Sunday morning to go out and buy some. However, it worked beautifully regardless.

When complete, Jeanne then got to get going with the most exciting part – using the soldering iron to burn the quote in to the wood, leaving a rustic and personal touch that will sit pretty on our big day.

It took Jeanne a couple of hours to solder the whole quote on to the planks, but she persevered and got the job done and it looks better than I ever thought it would. Not that I was doubting Jeanne’s ability, just because it’s a DIY project and those can go either way. I was just worried because we only had one go at it, and there was no room for error, but she pulled it off solidly and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The next step was to put it all together. We decided to leave all the old holes – the ones where the previous nails were – untouched, as it added more character to the wood, and we have not yet decided whether or not we are going to treat the wood. But I have a feeling we will leave it untreated.

I am so stoked about the semi-final product  – and I say semi-final because there may need to be some tweaks made – and I am so glad that we decided to make it ourselves instead of going with the planner’s chalkboard. I just feel that this gives it a little more of a personal touch and some of our personality, as well as feeling that amazing accomplishment of “we made that”.

Jeanne and I have paid for our entire wedding. Every. Single. Thing. And that means a lot to us. We are really proud people, and we have saved up for years for this moment, and this ceremony, this celebration means nothing less than the world to us.

We deserve to have the day we have dreamed of for so long with everything we have ever wanted and everyone we have ever wanted being there with us to celebrate it with us. And we cannot wait! This is just one more amazing thing that is going to add to our special day.

Thanks for all your hard work babe, it means the world to me. And look how freaking beautiful the outcome is! You’re the best.

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