We bought our first sofa!

Jean and I have been looking for the ‘perfect’ sofa for a while now, and when I say a while, I mean a whole year! We were starting to think that it didn’t exist. Let’s just say that we have very different tastes and we could never agree on the same one, so buying our dream couch was put on the back burner ‘for now’.

However, a couple of weeks ago we visited Canal Walk – which (in case you didn’t know) is one hell of a mall – and after wondering around countless furniture shops we popped into Mrp Home. As we walked in we both locked eyes on the most gorgeous sofa we had ever (and I mean ever) seen – the Downtown Pincord Sofa in grey corduroy. Say what?! We were both in love, finally.

Now, I have to admit that I got cold feet for a while and had to sleep on it, simply because it was going to cost quite a lot of money. But after looking at it, and looking at it again, I gave in and we ordered it the next day. After just a few days of waiting, it arrived (a lot sooner than we thought) and the excitement was all too much.

We had finally traded in our old and slightly rickety sleeper couch (that actually prevented us from sitting comfortably in front of the TV in the lounge) for the real deal – an all-grown-up lounge suite!


Another purchase I was super excited about was this gorgeous glass lamp and vase – both of which were in the sale for an absolute bargain!


Three seater Downtown Pincord Sofa retails at R5 500. Two Seater Downtown Pincord Sofa retails at R4 500.

For more information and to view the rest of their sofa collections, visit  

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