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Easy eating with Freedom Foods Country Kitchen

Last week, Jeanne and I had the opportunity to try out an amazing food delivery service that cooks deliciously healthy homemade meals and delivers them straight to their client’s doorsteps.

About Freedom Foods Country Kitchen

Freedom Foods Country Kitchen is based in the South Peninsula of Cape Town in Fish Hoek, and is a family run business catering for a big client base who cannot get enough of their cooking.

Providing wholesome, healthy meals made with nothing but the best ingredients, Freedom Foods Country Kitchen ensures that their clients can choose from and eat a wide range of tasty meals without dealing with the stress of last minute grocery shopping or not having enough time to cook.

This means that their clients can get home from work, kick off their shoes and warm up their ready-made meal all within 10 minutes; making more time for family and less time fussing in the kitchen.

How it works

Freedom Foods Country Kitchen sends out their menu every week, giving their clients enough time to pick and choose what they want from their daily menu or house menu.

Their Weekly Menu items are made fresh every day, meaning there is the need to collect or have them delivered daily. However, there is an option to choose from their House Menu, too.

Their House Menu never changes, meaning you can order a range of these meals, freeze them and then defrost them whenever they are needed.

Why I think this concept is what we all need

I love this concept, simply because it was great not having to worry about what to eat and then cooking at 6pm every night.

Jeanne and I have reached the stage (again) where we go to the shops and ask each other (repeatedly) what the other one want for dinner. Then we get annoyed, settle for something boring, and go home. Freedom Foods Country Kitchen really gave us a much-needed break from that kak.

What we chose to try

We opted to try one ‘normal’ meal and one low carb meal from their House Menu, as we live quite far away from their base.

I also wanted to try both of the options as it would give me the opportunity to share what each of the options came with and give you more information about each dish.

I am glad we chose to do this, as it really showed us that not all low carb options are boring or tasteless, especially since we are meant to be eating low carb/healthier options for Jean’s brain health.

Now on to the good stuff. Here’s what Freedom Foods sent us to eat and a short review on each dish:

Mongolian beef with egg fried rice / brown egg fried rice (low carb) – This was the first dinner we tired and we were pleasantly surprised. It was spicy, tasty and something we would eat time and time again. The beef was tender, the egg fried rice was so delicious and it was a great introduction to to the brand.

Chicken curry with rice and veg / veg (low carb) with sambals – This was slightly too spicy for me, so I did pair it with some Mrs Balls peach chutney, but it was a lovely curry that warmed us right up during one of the cooler evenings (hello, autumn). The sambals accompanying the curry were delicious too; super tart with vinager, fresh and paired really nicely.

Chicken Marsala with mash / sweet potato mash (low carb) – My favourite meal of the five days, this creamy creation with mushrooms and smooth mash really made my day. The chicken was soft, the sauce creamy and filled with flavour, and the veggies that came with it were cooked to perfection.

Spaghetti bolognese / Spaghetti bolognese with carrot and zucchini strings – When it comes to other people’s spag bol I am always cautious, as my mama makes the best spag bol I have ever tasted. I mean, we grew up on the stuff.

Freedom Foods’ spag bol was different – in the best kind of way. The mince was full of flavour and the tomato sauce was rich. My spag bol came with zucchini and carrot strings and, being my first time having this low carb spag bol, I found it to be equally as delish as it was with spaghetti.

Chicken schnitzel / BBQ chicken breast – My second fave dish out of the five, both the chicken schnitzel (which came with cheese sauce) and the BBQ chicken breast were tender, moist and full of flavour. I could eat this every single night without complaint.

Some of their other well requested and much-loved dished include their weekend roast and their legendary rib day! How scrumptious do these ribs look???

My favourite day of the month! Legendary Ribs day:)

Posted by Freedom Foods Country Kitchen on Friday, 30 November 2018

Now that I have given you my feedback on what you can expect when you order from Freedom Foods Country Kitchen, now onto the nitty-gritty deets that I am sure you are eager to find out.

Meal Pricing                                     

Normal Meals: R65
Banting: R70
Kiddies: R35
Free Range: R75
Family Style – Normal: R190
(To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion.
Banting Family Style – Normal: R210
(To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion.
Student / For the freezer R600 / Ladies R400 / Kiddies: R350 – includes 10 x meals ordered for one drop off.

Choose a variety from the House Menu – We need 48hrs for this order.
*Lactose, Gluten Free and Low Carb Meal are available

In addition to the meal options above, they make fresh baby food, too, priced at R15 and R16 for 125ml clear tub.


R15.00 per delivery for our local clients (T&C)
R25.00 for over the mountain – Deep South
R30.00 per delivery (Southern Suburbs)
Deliveries from 15:00 to 18:00
Collection from 15:30 to 18:30 or as arranged
Send Freedom Foods an email and they will confirm your order.

I have to admit, their prices are very reasonable in my opinion. Considering the ingredients, time and love that go into making each and every one of their meals, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Also, if you have looked at the prices of even the simplest of ingredients at your local supermarket recently, making just one of these dishes from scratch for two people would cost an arm and a leg.

This is just another reason why I think this concept of eating is one of the best ideas I have come across recently.

Thank you for feeding us for a week, Freedom Foods Country House!

If you need any more information or have any questions, please leave me a comment down below or send Freedom Foods a message –

Note: This post is not sponsored. The food was gifted to us by Freedom Foods Country House but all of my opinions are my own.

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