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Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur

Merriment & Co, an innovative new company in the South African liquor space, reached out to me and asked if I would review a couple of their products. One of which was Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur. Cream liqueurs always remind me of the old faithful’s, however, I was really excited to be trying out one that was imported and that I have never heard of or tasted before.

Dirk J Ullrich, Managing Director of Merriment & Co, said that “We realised that there was a gap in the market for distinctive new tastes and fresh alcohol brands, so we set out to find the best in the world”.

Well, you’ve got my attention!

In addition to Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur, Merriment & Co have the following brands available:

Holy moly.

My review of Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur


Without naming the usual Irish cream liqueurs, I was pleasantly surprised by my first mouthful of Feeney’s. Of course, there is that expectation that it will be ‘pretty much the same’ and so-and-so, but it wasn’t. That expectation is only there because we have been exposed to the same ones over-and-over again.

I chose to have a couple of tots of Feeney’s with ice – because it’s so darn hot and it’s so nice to sip on something ice cold – while Jeanne had hers room temperature.

I always feel like ice can make a big impact on a drink, simply because as soon as it starts to melt it changes the makeup of whatever you have chosen to fill your glass with, watering it down and weakening it.

It’s really easy to taste this difference in cream liqueurs, since the water separates and sits on the top of the cream. Being aware of this, however, I knew in the heat that I would need to drink my glass of Feeney’s relatively quickly. And I was right, in the heat the ice started to melt kak fast.

From the first sip, Feeney’s was easy to drink. Smooth and velvety, both Jeanne and I had finished our glass before we knew it and could have easily poured and enjoyed a second (if it wasn’t a school night). Balance perfectly, the whiskey was not too overpowering and was complimented by the cream.

I would say that a couple of tots or the two-finger measurement is the perfect amount to have after dinner or on a warm evening after work when you feel like treating yourself, and I would always add ice to ensure that it is ice-cold during summer. Another thing I would love to try this summer is making a milkshake using Fenney’s and adding a few other fun ingredients, so watch this space for a milkshake recipe.

Equally, on a winter’s night, I would choose to warm it up and add a couple of marshmallows, a swirl of chocolate sauce or some cinnamon. All of which I will try out during this year. Again, I will put up any recipes I might try out during winter up later this year.

My final verdict of Feeney’s is that it would be a cream liqueur I would buy in the future. Jeanne’s first question was “is this now readily available in South Africa and can we buy it when this bottle is finished?”, so that gives you a fairly good idea of what she thinks. I am almost certain that it will be a bottle that becomes a staple in our liquor cabinet.

I’m so excited to see what else Merriment & Co. will be adding to their collection, and I look forward to trying out more of their amazing products that I may not have tried before in the near future.

Disclaimer: Merriment & Co. sent me the bottle of Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur, however, all of the opinions featured in this article are my own and are based on my true thoughts and feelings. 

Featured image credit: Merriment & Co. 

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