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Fine dining at Dalliance

A couple of weeks we had the pleasure of dining at Dalliance at the V&S Waterfront, as they celebrated the relaunch of their menu as it changed it from tapas-styled food to fine dining.

I had never been to Dalliance previously, and was delightfully surprised when we arrived, as the decor was modern and stylish, the ambiance was buzzing and alive, and the aromas drifting over to our table from the exposed kitchen were absolutely drool-worthy.

The absolutely fabulous Clare showed Jeanne and I to our table, which we would be sharing with two other guests, and brought us a fancy glass of bubbly to celebrate and sip on while we caught up. Clare sadly had to leave us when our table guests arrived and we got aquatinted before tucking into our starters.

Jeanne chose the oysters for her starter – two designer oysters filled with pear, ginger, coconut, soy and chilli – and I had the calamari starter with sticky pineapple and vinegar peppers. The flavours were so well paired and the calamari was cooked to absolute perfection, while Jeanne could not stop raving about the oysters – her exact words were “they are the best I have ever had, ever”. I don’t eat oysters, so I had to take her word for it!

Up next, I chose to have 8 prawns with garlic, chilli and olive oil with a side of skinny fries and Jeanne had the crayfish linguine with garlic and cherry tomatoes. My prawns were absolutely freaking amazing. They were cooked to perfection, absolutely huge (way bigger than medium) and the seafood basting made me smack my lips – literally.

Jeanne loved her pasta, and said that it was very tasty, however it was very spicy. We did talk to the head chef, however, and let him know. He very politely apologized for being heavy handed with the chili and took all of our comments on board – so very professional, curious and polite.

To end off our meal, I chose to have the Creme Caramel with Caramel Ice Cream, and Jeanne had the NY Cheesecake Brûlée with Shortbread Fingers. Now, I don’t usually get to dessert, as I normally have no space left, but I was so glad that I saved room for this dessert!

Creme Caramel reminds me so much of my dad, as he used to buy it all the time when we were young, and I think I got my love for the dessert from him. It was pure magic! The Creme Caramel was firm and not too sweet, and it was so nicely complimented by the Caramel Ice Cream and Crumb.

I had a not-so-small taste of Jeanne’s NY Cheesecake Brûlée and, again, it was pure magic. The caramelised sugar on the top was perfectly melted – not burned like so many places end up doing – and the crunch went so incredibly well with the soft but firm inside. I am drooling thinking about it, really.

Now, I have saved all the details about what we had to drink until last, only because Dalliance’s cocktails are absolutely freaking amazing and I feel the need to talk about them on their own.

I love, love, love, love cocktails. Everywhere Jeanne and I choose to dine, I ask for their cocktail menu first. They are just so refreshing during summer and I love all the fruit flavours and combinations we have at our disposal in the Mother City.

So, first off I tried the Down Dog, and this cocktail included vodka, ginger, grapes, passionfruit puree and vanilla sugar. Woah, I have never tasted anything quite like this beauty, and it has to be very near the top of my favourite cocktails I have tasted in the Mother City and well worth a try!

Secondly, I chose a virgin cocktail – mainly because of the name and I was intrigued – called the Lava Lamp. It included fresh apple and strawberries, orange juice, honey and balsamic vinegar. Now, I have to be honest, I was not as impressed with this one. But I think that it was because it tasted more like a smoothie instead of a cocktail, and if it was infused with some vodka or gin, it would have tasted completely different.

Jeanne had her favourite, the French Mojito – which included Sparkling wine and fresh strawberries – and from the tiny sip that I was allowed, it tasted pretty good. Jeanne just likes to keep it all to herself!

Overall, I have to admit that we really, really enjoyed our dinner at Dalliance. The atmosphere is electric, the view is stunning and the food is drool-worthy, and I would recommend this amazing spot to everyone!

If you want to check out their menu or book yourself a table (and you really should!), you can find it as well as all the other details on their website

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