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A flamboyance of (delicious) flamingos

On the 25th of last month I turned 27 and my favourite part of my birthday is the cake, of course! And this year, I was spoiled rotten – quite literally.

I have met a number of amazing people through joining the Cape Town Rollergirls, all of who have a number of amazing talents. One of those people is Anmar Wilding, who is not only an amazing skater (derby goals!) but a cracking baker, too.

Just the other month Anmar featured on Bak en Brou and I got Jeanne to watch it with me so that she could translate every word. This led Jeanne to contact her and ask her to make me some cupcakes that had something to do with flamingos – because I am obsessed, guys.

Anyways, unbeknown to me, at the Derby 7’s game the other night, Jeanne picked up the flamboyance of flamingos and finally revealed the big surprise. And all I can say right now, is that I was blown away by what I saw.

I mean, look at that detail!

Anmar not only runs her own bakery – Crumb Cakes SA – but she is also the genius behind Mother City Meringues. Through Crumb Cakes SA, you can order anything and everything cake-related, as well as a number of her amazing meringues, macarons, marshmallows and more – all of which are vegan!

As you can see, Anmar combined all of her amazing baking skills and used macrons, meringues and cake to create the bodies and wings, as well as delicious icing, glitter and more to bring all the elements together!

What really amazed me was the detail and creativity. Using meringues as wings – genius! Adding black glitter to their beaks – cute! Using half a macaron as their body – delicious! Plus, there was even a little pink colouring in the actual cake which was a lovely addition.

Now, for the verdict on the actual taste of these babies because, well, that matters, too! So, the cake was some of the moistest cake I have ever put in my gob – um, I don’t think moistest is a word, but I am going with it – and it was super tasty.

The icing on the top was sweet but not too sweet – if that makes sense – and was topped with delicious sprinkles that were crunchy and soft at the same time. Again, if that makes sense?

Now, on to the meringues and macaron. I have only heard about both of these creations, and have been dying to get to the Vegan Goods Market to try them out, but now was my chance!

Oh my god, I am not a meringue fan whatsoever. This is mainly because of their texture and the weird feeling I get when I bite in to them makes me cringe. But these, well, they were different. Slightly harder on the outside and like a mouthful of cloud on the inside, these are my new favourite treat.

Equally, the macarons were made to perfection. And why I say perfection, I mean they had that crunchy shell that when bitten in to melted in my mouth almost instantly. I am in love…

Receiving such an extravagant treat for my birthday made my whole day even more special, and knowing that they were made by a friend – well, that was just the icing on the cake!

Jeanne, thank you for ordering these babies and Anmar, thank you for ‘going over the top’ and beyond any sort of expectation. You are a true genius in the kitchen and I cannot wait to order Jeanne’s cake for her birthday!

You can find Crumb Cakes ZA on Facebook and Instagram, as well as see a number of her amazing creations on her website.

Do yourself a favour, order one of her cakes or some of her other goodies, even if it’s not a special occasion!

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