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A flavour-filled dinner at Firefish

Firefish is one of the many Kove Collection restaurants scattered around Cape Town, and is a brand new addition that can be found at the V&A Waterfront.

Whenever I get invited to review a restaurant, I look at the menu way beforehand because I like to know exactly what I want to have, and I like to be excited about trying out a new spot. And, I knew by sussing out Firefish’s menu, that we were in a for a treat.

Sitting pretty at the V&A Waterfront’s harbour, Firefish is one of those restaurants that initially pulls you in by its charm and good looks and, when you get to the entrance, you are welcomed in by not only their staff’s friendly faces, but their managers, too.

Then it locks you in with it’s delicious food. Dayum, I’m hooked.

After being swooned at the entrance, we chose to sit inside – as it was a little windy and chilly – and, even though we were tucked away, we didn’t lose the vibey feel that the Waterfront gives off, although it was quieter and more intimate.

Once sat down, we ordered some drinks – cocktails, of course. I chose the Strawberry and Lime G&T while Jeanne had a cup of coffee and her usual Mojito. My delish Strawberry and Lime G&T came with fresh fruit and tasted like absolute heaven, while Jeanne enjoyed both her strong coffee and Mojito, too.


We wasted no time in ordering a starter and I had my eye on their Duck Pancakes – these feature on their Sharing Menu. Jeanne and I have been searching for the perfect duck pancakes in Cape Town, but we had yet to find ones that were not fatty or dry. However, from the moment our waiter put our starter down in front of us, I knew we had finally found a decent place to indulge in duck pancakes.

Considering I am use to ‘chip shop’ quality duck pancakes while living in the UK – which are awesome, by the way and they basically set the standard for me when it comes to this dish – we were over the moon to finally taste some really tasty, tender, moist, crispy and downright delicious duck pancakes in the Mother City. Finally!

Main course

Next up, mains. I had to really, really stop myself from choosing the same thing we had at Zenzero: the seafood platter for two, as we loved it so much and it was so delicious and I have literally had dreams about eating it again. But, dining at new places means taking advantage of trying out new things!

After mulling over the menu for what seemed like ages, I chose to have the Robata Grilled Pork Ribs with honey, soy and ginger. I love ribs, and there are very few restaurants that make them so good that I go back for more. I mean, there are certain aspects that make ribs great: the basting and cooking them right so the meat falls off the bone/you can cut into them easily are the two most important aspects to me.

When they put the ribs down in front of me, I was really excited to dig in. The aroma coming off them was intoxicating and when I stuck my knife into them guess what, they literally fell off the bone. Winner! What’s more, the basting was deliciously sweet and salty at the same time, they had an aaaaamazing crust on the outside and were still so tender and juicy on the inside. The only problem I had was that they had chopped up and sprinkled chilli on the top rack of ribs, and they were a little too hot for me as I am so sensitive to anything hot.

Jeanne asked our waiter for a recommendation – she has started doing that more and more because she feels that it means she ends up with something that is really popular – and ended up ordering the Beef Sirloin which came with soy butter, yuzu, beef jus, miso, caramel onion and chive oil. To sum up how much she enjoyed it, well, I didn’t hear anything from her the entire time! A real tell tale sign she loves whatever she is eating.


We were so full by the time we were finished  our main courses that we almost didn’t have dessert but, me being me, I just had to give in to my sweet tooth and order something light.

By something light, I mean their Cotton Cheesecake with pineapple sorbet, pineapple and coconut salsa and sesame oil. Now, apparently this doesn’t go down too well with some people as it’s basically a deconstructed cheesecake that ropes in a number of amazing Asian-inspired aspects and ties them together.

Well, I don’t know why the hell the people behind us sent it back to the kitchen, because we should have ordered two! Jeanne was only going to have a spoonful which ended up being half (which I don’t mind, obviously). But dayum it’s a winner and I think everyone should give it a fair shot!

All of the elements complemented each other so well, the pineapple sorbet was sharp, the pineapple and coconut salsa were crispy and fresh (and I am assuming takes the place of the normal biscuit base), and the cheesecake itself, well, was like eating a cloud. Wow.

Final thoughts

I don’t know what else I can possibly say about this dinner that our completely empty plates at every single course don’t say for themselves.

My advice to anyone looking for a new spot to have dinner in the Mother City would be to go and let Firefish speak for itself through it’s vast menu, delicious food and amazing atmosphere.

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