Green Planet Laundry offers Cape Town relief

As we all know, Cape Town is only a few months away from Day Zero and there is still so much we can do to save water and extend the life of our dams. Green Planet Laundry is offering you a guilt-free way to get all your laundry done without using a drop of drinking water!Tourism is vital for Cape Town’s economy, however, with a number of tourists flocking to the Mother City during the warmer months, there will be significantly more people using Cape Town’s water.

Considering how stressed out Capetonians are about cutting down on water themselves and all the efforts put in over the last year to cut down on water consumption (you know, all those home modifications and bucket loads saved from the shower, washing machine and so on), Green Planet Laundry is here to help ease our stress and cut back on our water consumption even more.

About Green Laundry

The very first of its kind in Africa, Green Laundry is an innovative laundry service that uses purified borehole water instead of municipal drinking water.

The average home washing machine uses between 50 and 150 litres of drinking water per cycle – yikes! – whereas Green Planet Laundry uses zero litres of this precious water source.

Green Planet Laundry’s efforts

Using zero litres of our limited drinking water, Green Planet Laundry offers major relief for both Capetonians and tourists, alike.

Both tourists and locals are encouraged to let Green Planet Laundry take care of their washing (and ironing) as, not only will it give you a much-deserved housework break, but it will be less home washing machines being used and more drinking water being saved!

Win-win, right?!

Details you need to know

Green Planet Laundry is open every day, meaning your laundry can be done any day you need!

They also offer competitive pricing, as well as pick-up and delivery service.

Servicing the greater part of Cape Town, from Strand to Paarl to Duynefontein to Cape Point, they also offer a convenient same-day collection service (Ts & Cs apply).

Where to find them: 33 Mobile Rd, Airport Industria, Cape Town, 7490

Find their price list here.

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