#HanksBalanceGame – fun and games for a good cause

Balance has launched an exciting new online game in support of elephant conservation and we were given the opportunity to try it out on the day it was released (with a glass of Blanace in hand, of course).

Last week I headed to Company’s Garden Restaurant for an afternoon of acrobatics, game playing, wine drinking and eating with Balance Wines, Sisonke Social Circus and Hank the Elephant.

Tempura prawns, bean and pepper wraps, guacamole and chicken curry bowls.

We spent the afternoon laughing, tackling an array of balancing games – which included relying on each other in order to not fall on our faces – and snacking on a selection of delish food served up by The Company’s Garden Restaurant.

After the balancing games with Sisonke Social Circus, we then had the chance to sit around a table packed with glorious food and play Hanks Balance Game together.

In all honesty, it’s a lot harder than it looks! There were a few accidental swear words thrown around and a lot of laughter, as we were all glued to our phones trying to get the balance right and win those vino vouchers.

The point of the game is for the user to help Hank the Elephant balance his way on a unicycle back to his ancestral desert home. At the end of every stage, users stand a chance to win Balance Bucks in the form of a voucher code that can be redeemed when purchasing wine at the Balance online store. And, considering how reasonable Balance’s prices are, Balance Bucks makes every bottle you purchase even more of a steal.

For Balance Bucks redeemed after completing the final stage of the game, a donation will be made on the user’s behalf in support of Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) PEACE project, ans educational initiative promoting the peaceful cohabitation of local communities with desert-adapted elephants in Southern Africa.

Through Hanks Balance Game, Balance is making caring for the environment easy and so much fun!

The finer deets about Hanks Balance Game

The Balance game is compatible with smart devices and PCs and can be accessed directly online at without having to download an app or the game itself. The game can also be accessed through a QR code found on Balance wine bottles.

Players are required to complete three levels by making Hank tilt and jump to avoid numerous obstacles before reaching the end. Hank scores points by collecting fruit resembling those used in Balance wines.

Discount coupons in the form of Balance Bucks – ranging from R20, R40 to R60 respectively – can be won after the completion of each stage, depending on your score (the closer you are to 100% and above, the better).

The final stage culminates with Hank travelling through the desert to join a herd of elephants. Cute, right? Go and give the game a shot, you’ll probably end up as hooked as me.

Join Hank on his unicycle at and redeem your Balance Bucks with your next purchase of Balance wines at Follow all the action on @BalanceWines on social media. For more information on EHRA, visit

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