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Healthy homemade chips

As you know, LG kindly sent us their amazing Neochef™ microwave oven to test out. Since its arrival, Jeanne and I have not used our oven very much (if at all), and instead look to this incredible appliance for basically everything. 

Apart from cooking meals and warming up food on a daily basis, Jeanne has come across me standing in the kitchen – on more than one occasion – with a huge grin on my face. That grin is my ‘experimenting’ grin and usually means I am cooking up something good. One of my most recent experiments included making our very own potato chips. And it freaking worked!

So, here’s how I did it.


  1. Choose about three large potatoes that are relatively flawless (no bumps or grooves)
  2. Peel them (if you want too, otherwise leave the skins on. We did it both ways and liked both variations.)
  3. Using a mandolin, slice into thin slices,
  4. Spread chips out on a plate (coat place in olive oil to prevent them from sticking)
  5. Cover with olive oil, salt and pepper (we also used a variety of Robertsons Herbs & Spices, too, at one point to see how they tasted)
  6. Place the place in your LG Neochef™ microwave oven (you can use the rack it comes with to do two plates at once. However, you will need to adjust your cooking time)
  7. Adjust your settings and time – we used the Combi setting and played around with the timing. 40 seconds turned out the best chips, in my opinion.
  8. Blast those potato slices until ready
  9. Take out, cool and eat!

Now, it may sound really simple, however, it took me three or four goes to get them ‘just right’. The only issue I have, is that I cannot make enough of them at one time! But, for a quick, simple, healthy and super easy snack – they are so delicious! And they were a hit in our house.

Next I am going to try and make a combination of beetroot, sweet potato and butternut chips! Watch this space….

If you want to buy your very own LG NeoChef™ microwave oven, you can read more about it here. Additionally, you can buy your very own from one of these retailers.

You can also browse LG’s other products on their websiteInstagram account, YouTube channel, Facebook page or their Twitter account.

Disclaimer: LG sent me this product to review however, all the opinions in this article are my own and I am nothing but honest with my readers.

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