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I bought a wedding dress!

I am not going to lie, I was very worried about going wedding dress shopping – mainly because I am fussy and a pain in the arse in general when it comes to clothes, never mind a freaking wedding dress – so I was not overly excited or hopeful that I would find my dress the dress of my dreams first time around. But, weirdly and surprisingly I did, and it’s on its way as I am typing this… holy shit!

Okay, so firstly, I am just going to say that my mum kept a very big secret from me (for months, I might add) which was that my gran and grandad were coming with both her and my step dad for Christmas and New Year.

This meant that not only was my sister and mum going to be there while I tried on dresses during my appointment at Bride & Co., but my gran would be there, too. That was overwhelming to me, that I would be able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience with the three most important women in my life.

In preparation for my appointment, I had searched the internet high and low to figure out what kind of dress I might like, so that I could maximise the time I had with the consultant. This is what I found about what I liked and what I didn’t:

What I knew didn’t want

  1. A ball gown/princess dress with excessive tulle
  2. Something that was skin tight
  3. A mermaid-style dress
  4. Lace
  5. A bright white dress, but also not a cream dress
  6. Strapless (hello, I have no boobs for that shit)

In addition to those requirements, I did not want:

  1. A veil
  2. High heels

Picky, right?! I know that there sounds like there isn’t much left after reading that list, but I had a pretty good idea of what I did like, too!

So, what did I want/what was I looking for when I went to try on dresses?

  1. Something that was tight at the top and loose at the bottom (from the ribcage down) – not emphasising my hips
  2. A little bit of tulle
  3. A little detail on the top
  4. Something that was off-white, but not noticeably off-white (get what I mean?)
  5. Something that stood out and showed off some of my unique style

My appointment at Bride & Co.

My mum, sister, gran and I arrived at Bride & Co. and was introduced to our amazing consultant – she was the bomb. First we had the opportunity to wander around the shop floor ourselves and my mum, sister and I all chose a couple of dresses that I would try on.

Each of us picked very different styles, and I wanted to try them all on so that I could definitely rule out all of the shapes and styled I thought I would not like – which I did.

I tried on a slim fit and flare dress, a big and bold ball gown with a glittery top, a lacy a-line dress, dresses with sleeves and without sleeve, and plain and full-on lace dresses.

Thankfully, my wonderful consultant was very patient, and got me in and out of every dress I chose to try on. Unfortunately, there were none that I liked so far, however she had yet to bring me one in the cut I liked.

Luckily, she had two in mind and disappeared to the store room to find them. When she came back, I literally felt my face light up, and a huge smile filled my face.

I tried the first one on, and I absolutely loved it, but I had to try on the second one, too, as it was the same cut cut but not the same material.

As I stepped out in the second dress and took my place on the pedestal, my mum’s eyes filled with tears, and I knew I had found the one – not only did I love it, but my mum loved it, too, which – no matter what you think – is so important to me.

Wow, I never, ever expected to walk into Bride & Co. for my very first appointment, only to walk out with the dress of my dreams. One that was completely different to what I imagined, but perfect in every possible way.

What did I end up with?

Well, I can’t tell you or show you right now, in case Jeanne gets too curious. But all I can tell you is that it was not what I thought I would ever like or choose, and I really cannot wait for Jeanne to see it. Or me in it, rather.

I just want to thank Bride & Co. and my lovely consultant Ghaleeqah Adonis for being absolutely amazing in every single aspect possible!

[Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post]

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  • Reply Jeanne

    I was a bit weiry to read it but you know me too well. Xxx. I can’t wait to see you in it and I’m sure I will need some tissues too. I love you

    January 13, 2017 at 8:26 pm
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