I made my own Mini-Me

Last week I was given the amazing opportunity to create my very own Mini-Me. With the help of Jeanne (because she is more objective and made my Mini-Me actually look like me, instead of leaving me to my own devices which would have resulted in a much prettier/nicer/better Mini-me, me), we embarked on a magical journey and created a teeny-tiny me.

What is Mini-Me?

Mini-Me is an amazing local company providing Lego-lovers with the opportunity to personalise their very own Lego figurine, whether it be for themselves, someone’s birthday, a wedding or even as corporate gifting.

Once Mini-Me’s website, the magic begins. Users can sift through thousands of amazing heads, torsos, hair options, legs, accessories and more, to make up their very own Lego-self.

Although the task of sifting through all their amazing componants is tremendous, it’s worth every second you spend on the website, as having so many options ensures that you can get as close to perfect when it comes to recreating your own look – or someone else’s if you are buying a Mini-Me as a gift.

From numerous quirky facial expressions, to amazing footwear – there are roller skates! – it’s incredibly fun to recreate yourself in such a unique and awesomely cool way.

How it works

  1. Browse each category (hair, head, torso, legs, accessories, stands) and choose which ones represent you (or the person(s) you are buying a Mini-Me for) and add your selected options to your cart.
  2. Chose a stand (a single or double) and customise it with a quirky saying, a cute tagline or your name.
  3. Work your way down your cart to visualise what your Mini-Me is going to look like once assembled.
  4. Checkout, pay and wait for your Mini-Me to arrive!

It really is as simple as that!

Your Mini-Me will come preassembled, but if you would like to order other amazing accessories in the future (or have added extras to your order), you are able to reassemble your Mini-Me as and when you want to.

My Mini-Me

Like I said above, I roped in Jeanne to help me choose my Mini-Me componants, as I wanted it to be a good representation of who I am and what I look like, and I thought she would be much more focused on that than me.

These are the components my Mini-Me is made up of:

Hair: Long & Wavy, 2 Sections in Front

Head: Red Lips – Basic Expression

Torso: White Tap Tank w/ Red Trim & Multi Colour Stars

Legs: Medium Blue w/ Belt & Safety Pins

Accessories: Roller Skates – Black and Sprinkle Donut

Stand: Custom Text Plexiglas Stand – Single Figure ( Click Product to Add Text ) 

Each of these components were chosen really carefully by Jeanne and the final product just shows how well she knows me!

When I am fed up of my hair and when it’s down it’s normally in a centre part and curly from being in a plait the night before. I love red lipstick (even though she doesn’t) and the tank represents my support for LGBTQ and our relationship. My ripped jeans are the first pair I will reach for in my cupboard because, well, they just fit so well, and I have fallen in love with roller derby and will never say no to a doughnut.

Personally, I don’t think Jeanne could have come up with a better Lego-representation of me, this really is perfection! So thanks babe, I really appreciate it.

Last but not least, I chose to have my blog’s name and my name on the personalised stand because my blog is so important to me and I have worked so hard to get it to where it is now.

Final thoughts

Opening up my Mini-Me when it arrive was such a satisfying moment. This little Lego figurine incorporated so many things that represent who I am and what I love, and I couldn’t help but smile. It is literally a tiny me. I now get to sit down at my table and see it every day, and I know it will continue to make me smile for years to come.

In my opinion, a Mini-Me is a really thoughtful gift, because it really shows you how much a person knows you, what they see in you and what they love about you.

They then put all of those aspects together and make this tiny little Lego figurine that you get to keep and cherish from someone who thought about you the entire time they were putting creating it – and I truly love that.

I can say with all certainty that I am going to use Mini-Me in the future. Mainly for gifts for those I know will appreciate it, and I think I might have to create each of my colleagues and give them their very own Mini-Me for Christmas!

Okay, if you think Mini-Me is as amazing as I do, I suggest you make one. Spoil yourself, spoil a loved one, buy a representation of your pet – because yes you can do that, too! (That’s the next Mini-Me on my list. Oh, and one of Jeanne, too). You can do so on their website: Go, go, go!

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