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I won’t stand for animal abuse

When it comes to animals my feelings are black and white, it’s that simple. We have three beautiful four-legged kids that I would not trade for the world – despite their quirks – and when people treat their animals like shit, well, I simply will not stand for it, period. And that is why I am about to do something about our neighbour’s neglect.

I am writing about this today because I am deeply hurt. I am sad and angry, devastated and confused and, to put it bluntly, I don’t fucking understand people who choose to have animals and not take care of them.

Our neighbours have three animals. A dog and two cats. The cat was their first pet, then came their dog and, more recently, a kitten.

Their cat is beautiful. S/he is tortoiseshell in colour, has become rather fond of us in the last month or two and has kind of a cleft lip that just adds to her/his character.

Shortly after they moved in they bought/adopted/got a dog. We haven’t seen much of this dog (because it’s never walked and is cooped up in the backyard come wind, rain or shine) but we sure as hell hear it.

This is where the shit started.

It always amazes me the front people can put on. How nice they can be to you when things are going their way and when you, a woman, don’t get involved.

Clearly, they don’t know us very well.

Their poor dog barks and barks and barks at all hours of the day and night – which I would too if I was the one being treated the way she is – a clear indication that something is wrong and that she is not happy.

However, when we broached the subject with the owners we were met with offence, a less-than-attractive attitude and being blocked from any form of contact – mature.

We started by calling the correct people, but even they did not come and check on what was going on. We then decided to leave the subject after that, mainly because I was not about to get into a pissing contest with a sexist bigot.

We were also scared for our own dogs, as weird things (like glass) started showing up in our yard shortly after. However, I am not accusing because we have no proof.

Recently, these neighbours who cannot look after the two pets they already have, have gone and got a kitten.

When Jeanne told me that she has seen the new fur baby around, I hoped she was mistaken. I literally could not believe that two grown adults could be so ignorant and cruel.

Their first cat, who they shut out of their gate, basically lives in our driveway, has lost more than half his/her body weight since she arrived and has the most horrific wound on his/her neck (as of late), is quite literally suffering and is neglected, but they have gone and got yet another animal.

Side note: Their brand-new kitten fell into our small bin holding compartment last week and, because it’s so small, it could not manage to jump and scale the wall to get out. It had been stuck there (as we were at work) for God knows how long with no water, food or shade in the heat. Can you even imagine how we felt when we found it? What’s more, it was petrified.


And I am crying (again) while writing this.

Last night we got home from roller derby and there s/he was, sitting in our driveway trying to avoid the wind, and s/he trots right up to Jeanne and gives her love.

I don’t know how, even when they are suffering so badly, that they can still give so much love. Animals are truly better than any human being I have ever met. Ever.

So, when we got home, I got some of Belle’s (our cat) food out the cupboard and some water and gave it to Jeanne to feed her. Jeanne stood there watching him/her devour an entire bowl of Whiskers kibble and a bowl of water. What does that tell you…?

Every day I check his/her wound, because it’s huge and even though it’s scabbing, she is outside and numerous things will hinder the healing process, but it’s so worrying.

All of this has prompted me to think long and hard about what I am going to do about the situation. I am tired of seeing this poor soul suffer and, if we could, we would take him/her in. But we can’t. We cannot afford to feed another pet, we just rescued a cat a couple of months ago and our lease does not permit any more animals.

I started out feeling hopeless getting home, seeing him/her and then going inside to our cat who has a warm safe place to sleep and food in her bowl at all times. But there are things I can do. There are things we can all do, and it’s time to take action because we freaking-well can.

I am tired of being worried about what they are going to do if I report them to the RSPCA, or if they will come knocking on my door because their cat has been taken away from them. I am tired of being bullied by people who are wrong and worrying about hurting their feelings when they don’t care about the feelings of other living things.

So, I am hoping that this story will prompt other people to take action. I am hoping that if you are seeing a similar situation, that you will act and help an animal who cannot help themselves.

Today I am going to call someone who can help. Someone who can talk to the owner, take her/him somewhere safe and make a difference in her life. Because s/he deserve it.

Here are some very important contact numbers for those who do want to act (and there are many more):

Cape Town

Animal Welfare Society

+27 21 692 2626

Cape of Good Home SPCA

+27 21 700 4140

Domestic Animal Rescue Group

+27 21 790 0383


+27 21 785 4482

TEARS cattery and boarding cattery

+27 21 785 1310

Animal Rescue Organisation

+27 21 396 5511

African Tails

+27 21 510 7360

Fallen Angels

+27 76 993 9670


Joburg SPCA

+27 11 681 3600


+27 11 447 5272

Kitty and Puppy Haven

+27 10 224 0760

4 Our Paws

Ark Animal Rescue Centre

+27 87 742 2211


+27 82 926 3627


The Durban and Coast SPCA

+27 31 579 6500


Pretoria Dog Recue

+27 82 569 2663

Wollies Animal Project

+27 79 916 4602

Woodrock Animal Rescue

+27 84 585 2418

Dogtown SA

+27 63 040 6071

Paws Love Animal Shelter

+27 83 990 8533

Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre

+27 13 932 3941


+27 12 664 5644

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  • Reply Fran

    Oh I am so totally with you on this. Just reading less left me in angry sad tears. I really wish we were in a position to help animals to often, but yes we are also in the position where we can’t because of our complex rules. Do what has to be done and hope against hope that the animals find a loving home.

    March 1, 2018 at 1:35 pm
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