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I have this (possibly unrealistic) vision that, one day (in the very far future), I will have a wall filled with a number of amazing illustrations created by my favourite illustrators, graphic designers, art-creators from around the world, and it will be so beautifully awesome. However, until then, my list will continue to grow faster than my collection.

1. Frances Cannon – “Teeming”. Frances Cannon’s nudie illustrations are just beautiful. I love ‘Teeming’ so much because it reminds me of the butterflies I feel so often for my wife.

• Teeming • #inktober2017 day 13

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2. Naomi Bulger – A piece of mail art from Naomi Bulger would be an absolute dream come true. They are all so unique, so beautiful and just so brilliant in every way, shape and form. They are certainly frame-worthy!

How to show your customers you super love and appreciate them: make them mail-art! Some of my letters heading out into the world today, hand painted onto @bootspaper envelopes. I’ve kept these designs pretty simple, inspired by things around my house (mostly – I don’t have a pink desk but a girl can dream!). #brownpaperpackages #snailmailaddict #partyinspiration #letterboxlove #mailthatmeanssomething #papercraft #snailmailcommunity #stationerylove #penpallingandletters #makemailmainstream #prettycreativestyle #themakersyear #littlestoriesofmylife #thatsdarling #byarrangement #theinstaretreaters #handmade #thesincerestoryteller #thisismycommunity #theartofslowliving #communityovercompetition #creativebiz #mycreativebiz #smallbiz #creativehappylife #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #handsandhustle #abmcrafty #handmadebiz

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3. Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations – I already had a beautiful illustration commissioned that I used in place of a ring to ask Jeanne to marry me, but there is always room for one (or five) more.

Excited to finally be able to share this. @theboldesttype used it to propose to her girlfriend and she said yes! Congratulations you two gorgeous souls ♥

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4. Janelle Silver – One of her gorgeous little ‘healing heart’ illustrations, but really, I love all of Janelle Silver’s work. It’s colourful, so much fun and, most importantly, it is made to make you feel good – right on!

5. Gemma Flack – I would basically be happy owning anything and everything of hers, but I really do love this print. It’s super kinky, quirky and, overall, a really fun and exciting piece I would love to have framed and on my wall.

6. Demi-Sue Meyer – One day I will have the little portrait she made for the Doodle Challenge this year!

7. Miss Gloria – These two designers are all about girl power and they have so many amazing illustrations to choose from, but I think I love this “Still not asking for it” illustration the mostest

8. Montana Kitching – I have followed Montana Kitching on my personal Instagram account for, what feels like, a i long time. I love that she draws from “personal experience with typically -taboo- and romanticised themes: Anxiety, mental health, sexuality, body dysmorphia and self doubt”. Dealing with anxiety myself, I find comfort in her drawings.

Other ppls struggles no matter how large do not take away the realness of yours. Your feelings are valid

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9. Megan Roy – The illustrations that stand out the most to me are her gorgeous animal/pet drawings – especially this one, it’s so different. Hopefully one day I will commission one of our furbabies! Other than her gorgeous pet portraits, she has the most beautiful illustration of a pair of roller skates that I am head-over-heels in love with.

10. Kate Meleon Jewellery – Apart from their gorgeous jewellery, Kate Meleon Jewellery has a number of amazing illustrations, one of which features a flamingo. Seeing as I am flamingo obsessed, obvs it’s on my list. I am so in love with their pineapple flamingo combo and I will have one of these on my wall really soon!

11. Lucie de Moyencourt – Local is lekker, and Lucie de Moyencourt’s artwork is super lekker. I particularly like this one she did in a tea shop. Again, being obsessed with tea, of course I love this so much!

Work in progress, the what not China shop in #kalkbay is a weekend browser’s dream. #Sunday drive #China shop #cape town #weekend

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12. Olivie Keck – Quirky, fun, colourful and eye-catching, Olivie Keck’s artworks – all of them – are thought provoking and so freaking interesting. Untorunately (for me) you have to be super quick to snap one up as they go so fast, but I will own one!

To be continued… 

Know of any illustrators or artists you think I would like? Leave them in the comment section below! 

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