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Introducing Henderson clothing

Jeanne and I have some very big news to share with you all, and I am stoked that I can finally tell you all about this massive venture (after having to keep my lips tightly sealed over the last few weeks).  

Jeanne decided to start a clothing brand! Eeeeek. But, it’s not just any clothing brand. Henderson will collaborate with local artists around the country to produce incredible designs (and maybe a few of our own, too) that will be printed onto great quality t-shirts by amazing professionals, in a limited quantity.

We have been looking for a way to supplement our income a little while doing something fun and enjoyable and, well, this seemed to be the way to go.

Not only will we be able to supplement our income (a little), but we will be supporting and working with local artists, too, which makes both of us happy and proud.

The whole process is going to take a while, as we add more designs, find artists who want to work with us, and get the whole show up and running, however, I think it’s a journey that is going to teach us a lot of things and we are going to meet a number of amazing people/artists along the way.

From the get-go, we have spent more money than we thought we would, and it’s scary investing the money we do have in something that, well, you don’t know for sure is going to work – especially me, as I am a total control freak.

But, if you don’t try something, how do you know that it won’t work, right?!

Our first artist

The first artist we are working with is Lee Young. Lee is not only a talented artist who is contributing insanely detailed and beautiful designs but she created our logo, too.

Lee’s first design is available on Henderson’s Facebook Page, and consists of a colourful hand made up of numerous illustrations that bring the piece together as a whole.

What we loved about Lee’s work was all the detail involved. When you first glance at the design, all you see is a colourful hand. But, when you really take a good look at it you start to see all the little characters, doodles and patterns that make up the piece.

Lee is going to be an artist who is going to contribute a huge amount to our brand not only now, but in the future, as we really love her work. And I just want to say a special thank you to Lee for being so patient and working through all the kinks with us!

To see what we are up to, please follow our Facebook page and Instagram account. For now, you can order your t’s and caps through our Facebook shop, but we are working on a Shopify account, too, so I will add those details as soon as it’s sorted.

We really hope to see you wearing one of our t’s really soon!

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  • Reply Ashley

    What a brilliant idea! My cousin might be interested to collaborate with you. Check out her stuff on Instagram @minikikiart. She’s based in Cape Town.

    March 8, 2018 at 12:57 pm
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Oh my gosh, thank you. Wow, she is incredibly talented and I will forward her profile on to my wife who, like me, will probably fall in love! Please let her know about us? And if she is interested, she can email me at She would just need to forward her rates etc.

      March 8, 2018 at 1:16 pm

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