How to keep your furballs warm in winter

I wrote a post last year about how you can keep you dogs cool in summer while you’re not home, but now that it’s winter in the Mother City, it’s time to keep those cute little furbabies of yours warm when it’s cold both outside and in. Here is what you can do.

1. Buy them a jersey

Every year Bodhi and Zeke get new jerseys from the Tableview Vetshop, and we tend to choose the ones that are handmade (I am not sure by who, sorry) out of fleece as they are super warm – also, we like to support local.

The jerseys go over their heads and you poke their two front legs through and they’re in and cosy. We tend to put these on when we go out, as they are an extra layer to keep them warm while they are outside.

To be honest, Bodhi is a wild child and almost every time we come home he has wiggled his body out of his, but Zeke loves his so much and would rather keep it on – if Bodhi lets him!

2. Invest in a hot water bottle or fin heater

I know it might seem a little excessive to buy your dogs their own heater, so I understand if you won’t go that far, but we have a fin heater in the lounge near the boys’ bed, and when we are home we tend to leave it on for a while to heat up the room (and our boys), as well as put it on at night for an hour before we go to bed.

Another way you could keep your pet warm both inside and outside – and is a cheaper option – is to invest in a hot water bottle that you can put under their blankets. This is a simpler and cheaper way to give them the extra little bit of warmth they might need.

3. Shelter is key

I will never be able to say this enough. Shelter is always key to your pet’s wellbeing, whether it be summer or winter, rain or shine, they need somewhere they can go to in order to keep cool or warm, out of the cold rain or out of the hot sun.

Now, a shelter does not necessarily mean a kennel, it could be that you put a bed in your wendy house if you have one, or make a cosy corner for them on your stoep. It’s just important that they are not unsheltered and dealing with harsh conditions in order to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

4. Warm meals

We feed our dogs raw dog food from Doggobone, however there are ways you can warm up any meal, including raw dog food.

You can start by adding your raw food, dog pellets or canned food to your pet’s bowl and then add warm, dog-friendly ingredients like recently cooked rice, meat and even vegetables. This will give your pets something warm to fill their bellies with and you are guaranteed to make them happy.

There you have it, my four ways to keep your furballs warm this winter. Do you have any special or unique ways you keep your pets warm in winter? If so, I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment in the comment box down below!

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