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KURO-Bō activated charcoal

Let’s face it, the ‘normal’ water purifiers available to us are so expensive. Jeanne and I have been saying we should get one for years, but with myself being the only one who really drinks water and weighing up the cost, it just never ever seemed worth the money.

A couple of months ago, by chance, we had the opportunity to try out KURO-Bō activated charcoal – thank you, you know who you are – and we jumped at the chance to give it a go.

What is KURO-Bō activated charcoal?

In a nutshell, KURO-Bō is an eco-friendly water purifying stick and is the only non-plastic water filter that is reusable, 100% recyclable and results in minimal Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Made by harvesting high-quality hardwood which is then baked in a special kiln for 7-14 days and then quickly cooled by being covering with a mixture of earth, sand and ash, KURO-Bō activated charcoal is then hand-cut and ready to be used as a 100% natural water filter.

The lowdown on how it works

KURO-Bō activated charcoal is so easy to use, all you have to do is follow these simple steps found on the KURO-Bō website:

Step 1:
Remove the KURO-Bō stick from its compostable corn starch bag and boil it in a shallow pan of tap water for 10 minutes. Then allow it to cool.

TIP: Recycle the packaging, but keep the activation schedule handy!

Step 2:
Once the KURO-Bō stick has cooled, fill your container (or a KURO-Bō 100% recycled glass carafe) with 2 to 3 litres of tap water.

Insert the single KURO-Bō stick and wait for the natural purifying process to begin.

Note: There is no need to remove the stick at any stage, just top up your water as needed.

TIP: For greater volumes of water, simply add additional KURO-Bō sticks to your water.

Note: While the KURO-Bō stick does begin to work immediately, for best results, allow it to rest for at least 6 – 8 hours, or overnight, either at room temperature or in the fridge.

TIP: You can also drop a stick or two of KURO-Bō into the water dispenser of your fridge for ice-cold purified water on tap!

Step 3:
After one month of daily use, simply boil your KURO-Bō stick for 10 minutes, again allow it to cool, and reuse as before.

TIP: If at any stage during this time, you feel your filtered water does not taste as clean and as fresh as it should, simply boil again for 5 minutes to open the pores once more, then allow to cool and reuse. Do this for three months.

Note: When your water stops tasting clean and fresh, simply recycle your KURO-Bō stick in a number of innovative and environmentally friendly ways.

*The lifetime of each KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal stick depends on the water quality and daily volumes of water being purified.

How you can recycle your KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal stick:

  • Dehumidify your bathroom
  • Use it as a beautiful and organic air purifier
  • Keep it in your fridge or cupboards to keep them odour free
  • Break the stick up and put into your pet litter tray to remove odours
  • Add it to your aquarium to neutralise the pH of the water
  • Put it in your vegetable drawer to keep your veggies fresher for longer, or put into the fruit bowl to keep fruit from ripening too soon
  • Keep flowers fresher for longer
  • Break up your stick and bury it in your garden to balance the pH and remineralise your soil
  • Burn it on your braai
  • Use it in your bath for some well-deserved pampering (the charcoal mineralise, removes impurities from the water, and stimulates blood flow)
  • Deflect/absorb electromagnetic and radio waves from computers, mobile phones and even microwaves in your home or at work
  • Use it as an unique and original décor piece

 My experience

I don’t know what I expected when Jeanne brought home the KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal stick, I think originally I thought it was a really cool concept that was eco-friendly, in our budget and I found myself hoping it worked.

I am no stranger to drinking water out of the tap, I have done just that for as long as I can remember and have never really had a problem – even when it tasted a little chemically. However, our water – due to the drought – has been tasting a little less delicious over the past few months.

Anyway, I took the KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal stick out of the box, added it to our pan of boiling water and watched it around for 10 minutes before taking it out with my tongs and placing it on a dish towel to dry.

Once cooled completely, I added it to two litres of water and then had to wait – that was the hard part.

The day after, I could not wait to get my hands on the jug of water waiting in the fridge. I poured myself a nice tall glass – like I always do – and took a sip.

I don’t know if Jeanne saw what happened after I took a sip, but I literally felt my eyes grow wider. The water tasted freaking amazing. It was smooth, lacked that chemical taste and was just overall more enjoyable to throw back.

As someone who drinks an obscene amount of water – and I mean obscene – I think I would be the first to notice the changes, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really did not think it would make that much of a difference, but I could taste the difference from the first sip.

Overall, I am stoked about this product. I am so impressed, so excited and so happy that it’s available and that it is so affordable. I am converted and I can tell you all with nothing but pure honesty that this is a product I will buy and use again, equally it’s a product that I will highly recommend to anyone looking for a water purifier.

Buy your very own KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal stick on their website for just R215!

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