Last year we celebrated V-Day at the hospital

So Facebook memories popped up and reminded me that last year Jeanne and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in the hospital. Well, I don’t know if you can call it celebrating, to be honest. 

I have not spoken about Jeanne’s epilepsy diagnosis much – however, there is a post going up tomorrow if you’re interested in ways to look after your brain – but after Facebook‘s reminder I thought I would do a little impromptu post reflecting on this time last year.

Not to sound dramatic but fuckit last year was a tough cookie, and Jeanne’s hospitalisation and diagnosis have impacted us a lot since.

Basically, in short, Jeanne spent two weeks in hospital and – after a list of tests as long as my arm and a lot of money spent on medical bills – was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on a handful of medications to treat her seizures.

Her time in the hospital took its toll both emotionally and physically. All of the tests – most of which were awful – the time away from each other (visiting hours your knob), and the emotional impact of being prodded and poked, diagnosed with something that heavily impacts your life and independence, and having to ‘just deal with it’.

But, it’s taught us a kak load.

Most of all it’s taught us true appreciation. True appreciation of our health, appreciation of our love and appreciation of each other.

It’s taught us to cherish every moment together, not to take for granted even the smallest things like clambering into bed together, not to forget how much we mean to each other and to not fob off how lucky we are to have each other – not just today, but every day.

This Valentine’s Day will be happier. There will be a lot less worry and we will be together at home with our three ‘kids’ probably watching a movie and eating a carb-and-sugar-free meal with a smile. Possibly with some champagne…

This Valentine’s Day we will be able to enjoy each other’s company, smile because we are happy, and just, well, be together with no ifs or buts.

So to you, Jeanne, Happy Valentine’s Day. You are the strongest person I know, the kindest soul I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I count myself lucky to call you my wife.

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