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LG NeoChef™ microwave oven

Recently, LG introduced the world to their brand-spanking new NeoChef™ microwave oven with Smart Inverter – Convection Oven, and I was lucky enough to be sent one to review right here on The Boldest Type – thank you so much, LG.

We have only ever owned what I call a ‘normal’ microwave, one that has minimal settings and that we use solely to defrost or heat up food. The NeoChef™ however, has numerous amazing qualities and functions that put a ‘normal’ microwave to shame. By this, I mean it does way more than just warm up your food So, let’s get into the details!

What are the differences between a microwave and a convection oven?

The differences between a microwave and a convection oven are quite simple, a microwave uses microwaves to cook food and heats the water in and molecules in the food, whereas a convection oven used circulated hot air to cook food and does it more evenly than an oven as it uses a fan to circulate the air.

The LG NeoChef™ basically combines these two elements together and creates a hybrid that cooks food quicker and much more efficiently. What’s more, the NeoChef™ allows users to use the cooking methods together, as well as individually, ensuring you get the desired effect.

What’s in the box?

Obviously, you get your NeoChef™ microwave oven but, other than that, you will find:

  • Manual – which includes instructions and recipes for all sorts of goodies like dried fruit!
  • Warranty card
  • Rack
  • Rotating ring
  • Glass plate
  • Shaft (helps rotate the glass plate)

NeoChef™ specs

  • There are two colour options: matt black and silver stainless steel
  • The appliance measures 540 x 523 x 325mm
  • The appliance weighs a whopping 15,3kg
  • Inside, the turntable measures 360mm and stands on a hexagonal ring, ensuring stability with its six support points. This prevents items that have been placed off-side from spilling or tipping over.
  • The appliance comes complete with an Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ coating. This coating helps to make cleaning easier and it eliminates 99.99%* of bacteria.
  • The LG NeoChef™ Inverter tech helps the cooking process, ensuring more precise temperature control when it comes to defrosting food and avoiding overcooking those pesky unthawed areas. Additionally, it enables more accurate temperature control.
  • Inside the appliance, the LED lamp is three times brighter and more energy efficient than the incandescent light featured in other LG microwave ovens. Being so bright, it’s much easier to see into the appliance and to check on the contents.
  • The appliance has a temperature range of 40-100ºC
  • The appliance comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The magnetron itself, however, comes with a 10-year warranty* (T&C’s apply).

What I noticed about this appliance

  1. It’s huge. We have a little hanging space where our old microwave lived but the NeoChef™ is too big to fit. However, it’s not a problem because it can sit underneath the shelf and we can move all our tea and coffee to that shelf instead.
  2. The door doesn’t have a handle. I love this feature. Instead of having an external handle (that gets dirty and gross), you open the door from the right-hand side instead as the handle is integrated into the door.
  3. The buttons are touch screen. The reason I love feature this so much -even though it might not seem like a big deal – is because the buttons on our previous microwave got damaged quickly because we use out microwave so much.
  4. The ‘cook mode’ guide on the inside of the door. When you open the door, you are face with an amazing little ‘cook mode’ guide which gives you an indication of all the settings you will need. This is so convenient and handy to have.

Let’s review this bad boy

Now for the most exciting bit, the review!

When it comes to usability, Jeanne didn’t even look at the user manual and managed to wing her way through setting the time. Other than that, there was no other ‘setting up’ aspects to do right off the bat.

I chose to make a roast in the LG NeoChef™ microwave oven as a first meal, mainly because I thought it was a ‘safe’ meal to make and it would give us some time to figure out all of the settings.

There’s a lot going on, I am not going to lie. However, the user manual is clear, concise and helped me get through making our first meal.

We smothered our chicken in all the normal herbs and spices – think lots and lots of Robertson’s chicken spice, garlic, a dash of lemon juice and more, and put it in the LG NeoChef™ microwave oven. Next, we found the correct setting by using the user manual, and let it cook.

Note: I am super impatient. This means that I normally check on my roast more than I probably should. However, I let the LG NeoChef™ microwave oven do its job and was stunned at the results.

When cooked, we took the chicken out of the LG NeoChef™ microwave oven and opened the dish only to find a perfectly cooked bird with crispy skin. Whaaaat?

The moment of truth was when we cut into the chicken. We plated up a nice amount of food – I did some roast potatoes in the oven and some veg on the stove – and tucked in!

The chicken was better than great. It was moist, soft and again, had a delicious crispy skin to top it all off. All-in-all, it was the perfect dinner!

We are so excited to use this every day, and there will be another couple of articles posted featuring some recipes and more information, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to buy your very own LG NeoChef™ microwave oven, you can read more about it here. Additionally, you can buy your very own from one of these retailers.

You can also browse LG’s other products on their websiteInstagram account, YouTube channel, Facebook page or their Twitter account.

Disclaimer: LG sent me this product to review however, all the opinions in this article are my own and I am nothing but honest with my readers.

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