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Lily’s Cape Town

It’s always nice to be invited to try out a new spot in the Mother City, especially when it’s right on the promenade, it’s a fabulously sunny and warm day, and it’s super busy when you arrive.

My first impressions of Lily’s were that the space was airy, open and light, the atmosphere buzzing, and the staff super friendly, and that was just when we walked through the entrance. As the day went on we realised that it was so much more.

The whole restaurant is open, with the outside tables meeting the inside tables, making the whole restaurant flow and giving it a very airy feel which we both really liked. The ceilings are high and adorned with gold lights, the walls with large mirrors and the kitchen is open for guests to see – and the aromas coming from the kitchen were an added bonus.

Our waiter was an absolute gem, and he deserves a lot of recognition for not only being friendly and going out of his way not only for us but all his other tables – yes, we notice – but for being a lovely human, too, so thank you so much Patrik for being absolutely amazing. It was so nice to chat and get to know you while we were enjoying our experience.

Okay dokes, let’s get right into it. Here goes…

To drink: Claire

The Lift (fresh juice) – cucumber, green apple, pear, ginger and lime. Not overpowering, perfect for such a lovely warm day.

The Skinny (fresh juice) – pineapple, spinach, mint, lemon, apple, celery and ginger.

To drink: Jeanne

Jeanne had two cappuccinos – her thoughts were that it was great tasting quality coffee and she loved that they were presented in cute, quirky and colourful cups and saucers, because presentation – even for coffee – counts!

The food

Okay, we are just going to get right into it and tell you all about what we had to eat and what we thought about each dish.

For our starters, Jeanne chose the Salmon Fish Cakes with watercress, apple and wasabi aioli, and I had the Caesar Salad Croquettes (chicken croquettes, Ceaser dressing, lettuce puree, parmesan and white anchovy).

Jeanne loved her starter. She loves fish in general, but she has a real thing for salmon – even though we don’t get to eat it much, so this was a real treat for her. These were her thoughts:

“Three beautifully presented fish cakes arrived with delicate little flowers to crown them. On top of the fish cakes were little strips of apple, and I suspect that their purpose was to cool your pallet ever so gently from the spicy wasabi that lies below. The fish cakes were delicate yet crispy, and oh-so-moist inside, making them incredibly perfect and delicious.”

My Chicken Caesar Croquettes were equally as delicious. Taking a completely new angle to the normal chicken Caesar salad, it was more of a deconstructed version that incorporated some new and delicious ingredients, while wowing with interesting textures and flavours.


When put down in front of me, I was presented with warm, soft shredded chicken balls encased in a crispy exterior made of breadcrumbs, complimented – well, might I add – by cool lettuce puree and a tangy Caesar dressing. Wow, I have to admit that I was blown away. First of all, I did not expect the chicken balls to be warm, so it was such a nice surprise. And when I read ‘lettuce puree’, I thought that could go either way, however, it was a delightful little addition that made all the difference to the overall dish.

On to our main courses now, Jeanne had The Ultimate Toasted Cheese (in-house processed cheese, caramelised onions, truffle oil and house pickles) with a side of Coleslaw, and I chose the Monsieur Sirloin (steak) with Café de Paris butter and fries.

Here are Jeanne’s thoughts on The Ultimate Cheese:

“Another beautifully presented dish – even though it’s a sandwich – with an insane amount of strong-tasting, delicious cheese, which is just how I like it! The sandwich is topped with perfectly prepared and not-too-sweet caramelised onions, which really added an extra level of taste-factor to what would otherwise be an ordinary cheese sandwich.

The coleslaw was tangy, crunchy and complimented the overall taste of the cheese sandwich and the balance between the vinegar and pepper was mastered. On the side I had some pickles, they too were delicious, and tasted like they were pickled using a recipe that was handed down through generations – they were anything but ordinary!”

For my main dish I chose to have the Monsieur Sirloin steak, and I was not disappointed. Then meat was so soft and tender, it was chargrilled to perfection – meaning it was still like marshmallow, pink and juicy on the inside, even though it has a nice ‘skin’ on the outside, and it was the perfect size to boot.

For me, the Café de Paris butter is what made the whole dish for me, as it was so freaking tasty and it melted and dripped down the sides while I made my way through the steak, ensuring that every bite I put in my mouth was coated. I just cannot explain how insanely delicious it made the steak, so you’re going to have to go and try it for yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, Jeanne and I chose to share a dessert to finish our meal off, and we picked the perfect one: Espresso Your Self, a chocolate Molten Lava Lake with Salted Caramel and Caffeine Fix Ice Cream. And yes, it was as delicious as it sounds, and yes, I would go back just to order and devour one of them. Although next time, I ain’t sharing!

It was literal perfection. I cannot begin to piece together the words good enough to explain and describe to you what, in my opinion, has to be my favourite dessert to date. And I have been around, honey.

It was baked wonderfully on the outside and when I slipped my spoon through the cake outside layer, there it was. There. It. Was. That gooey goodness that should be present in a molten lava cake. It was rich, it was chocolatey to whole new level and it was better than good. I just can’t. Just go and have one, please. PLEASE. Just go… make your booking now!

You can do just that by giving Lily’s a call on +27 (0) 21 204 8545, and you can check out what other delicious goodies they have on their menu here.

If you have already been to Lily’s I would love to know what you had and what your experience was like, so let me know in the comments section down below!

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