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Loch Ness Inn Hotel and Bar

Jeanne and I were lucky enough to receive a weekend away to Loch Ness as a Christmas present last year and, as it was somewhere Jeanne had wanted to visit during our holiday and somewhere I had not been since I was a child, we were so excited to pack up the car and head off for the weekend. The drive to Loch Ness from Leven is roughly 3-hours and, being winter, we knew the drive would be one filled with white winter scenery. This wouldn’t be a problem usually, but I was driving! And I tend to not be the most confident driver in the world in normal conditions.

However, after a long but beautiful drive that took us right along the banks of Loch Ness, we finally stopped at the Loch Ness Inn Hotel and Bar, which is located in Drumnadrochit and would be our base for two nights.

Upon arrival, the inn looked quaint, quiet and we were glad to see it had a restaurant, too, as we had arrived later in the afternoon and wanted to relax, eat and go to bed early in order to be ready for an adventurous day out the following day.

After we checked in – note that the inn is not manned with a reception area, you check in with the restaurant staff and the doors are locked at 12pm – Jeanne and I checked out our room.

We ended up with a suite that included two bedrooms, one with a double bed and another with two single beds, and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and basin. I was a bit bummed that there was not bath, only because when it’s so cold it’s nice to get back to your accommodation and soak for an hour.

(Also, I think bathing was even more of a luxury for us because of the severe drought back home, so we were really taking advantage of being able to have a bath. Note: Jeanne and I still shared water even though there is enough to go around. Guess it becomes a way of life!)

The beds and pillows were comfortable, each room had a radiator (which I cranked up the radiator the moment we stepped in the room because I am a cold person), there were tv’s in both rooms with a great selection of channels (Jeanne and I watched a couple of movies while we were there), and there was a great selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other goodies that we could dip in to when we wanted too. Being a big tea drinker (I am talking 4-5 cups a day), these details are important!

Overall the inn was great. It was everything we needed for a couple of days away. I don’t really ask for much, all I want is to be warm and dry, for staff to be friendly, to be able to have a hot shower and that the rooms/beds are clean – which they were so we were happy.

Below I am going to list a few pros and one con, these are what stuck out the most to me and were things I wanted to put some emphasis on.


The inn is really close to Loch Ness and only a short 15-20-minute drive to Inverness, making it really easy for you to get to the numerous tourist attractions, tours and the city (Inverness).

All the staff were lovely. If we needed anything, it was never too much to ask, and they made an effort to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

They have free Wi-Fi. This might not be at the top of everyone’s priorities list, but seeing as both Jeanne and I did not have local SIM cards and any other way of contacting family, it was really important for us as we could WhatsApp call our parents.

Breakfast was included and there were so many options to choose from. They had a menu that has everything from waffles to a full Highland breakfast that included all the good stuff. And by that, I mean black pudding! Yum…


Having the restaurant below the accommodation meant that it was noisy until it closed. You could hear diners talking and chairs moving quite clearly. Being someone who loves and needs quiet to sleep, it was something that really stuck out for me. However, once the restaurant closed, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. We just had the TV on as a distraction until the restaurant closed.

Scotland is so beautiful, and I am so lucky to be able to call it one of my homes. Now that my mum has officially moved to Scotland, we will be spending lots more time there and booking lots more adventures.

There will be a few more posts added to the blog soon featuring our amazing tour of Loch Ness on the Jacobite and of the restaurants we had the pleasure of dining in.

To find out more about the Lock Ness Inn, visit their website, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account

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