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Look after your lips with Labello

I’ve spoken about how important it is to look after your lips in my all-year-round lip care routine post, as there is nothing worse than cracked, sore and blistering lips, no matter the weather. 

Not only does it affect how your lipstick applies (sticking in all those horrible cracks), but it affects your overall mouth health, too.

I have my usual lip care products that I live for. They are so good that they keep me coming back again and again because the results are great and they really work. However, I am always open to trying out something new. This is where Labello comes in.

Labello has a brand new ‘flavour’ (or is it scent? I never know…) called Vanilla Buttercream, which says it’s a caring lip balm that deeply moisturises and delights with a shea butter and vanilla aroma.

On the back of the packaging, it adds: Labello Vanilla Buttercream will immediately care for your lips and leave them deeply moisturised and smooth.

I was sent a box of 10 from Rubybox, that I have shared with my friends, to review and I cannot wait to tell you what I think after using it for a week.

Scent: From the moment I opened the lid, the vanilla buttercream aroma was sweet and strong, there is absolutely no mistaking the beautiful vanilla goodness packed into this Labello.

Consistency: Smooth and buttery, it applies to the lips well with great coverage with just one swipe.

Looks: Looks count, because I prefer not to choose lip balms that include colour (as I apply lip balms a lot and would prefer that it didn’t tint my lips in the process). This Labello is cream in colour with no pigment – just up my alley!

One week review

So I swapped over from my usual lip care suspects for a whole week in order to give this brand new Labello a real good shot and to give it a chance prove itself.

The end result after using it all day, every day for a week is a positive one. Every time I applied the lip balm, my lips soaked up the lip balm, keeping them moisturized and soft.

I found that my lips, even when they did get a little dry in between applications, they were less flaky and did not crack easily.

Overall, my lips are feeling very healthy and super, super soft. I love the formula that Labello uses and this new scent/flavour is absolutely delicious.

It’s certainly a lip balm I would use and purchase again in the future. It really does live up the hype and fulfils all the promises it makes on the packaging, taking care of your lips all day, every day.

You read all the reviews about this amazing new Labello on the Rubybox website, here. And you can buy yours today from Clicks, Dischem and most leading retailers for just R24.99.

Disclaimer: The Labello Vanilla Buttercream was sent to me to review by Rubybox. This, however, does not impact my thoughts and review.

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