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Luscious lips with Sugarbabe sugar lip scrub

Lipstick lovers, pucker up! I’ve got an exciting new brand I cannot wait to share with you. If you love a bright shade of lipstick, or lip products that will help you look after your pout, grab a cuppa and read all about Sugarbabe lip scrubs.

I have already talked about the lip care routine I use all year round and how you can look after your lips with Labello, but when I came across these gorgeous lip scrubs from Sugarbabe Beauty and they dropped one off for me to try out, I couldn’t resist sharing.


What Sugarbabe lip scrubs do: 

Sugarbabe’s sugar lip scrub is a gentle exfoliant that leaves lips softer and smoother than before. The little sugar crystals do their magic, while our organic coconut oil moisturises.


  • Coconut oil,
  • sugars,
  • desert salts,
  • cocoa powder
  • colourants
  • flavourings.


  • Caramel Popcorn,
  • Cookies & Cream,
  • Melon Burst,
  • Cherry Bomb,
  • Crème Soda Pop,
  • Cotton Candy,
  • and Apple Sparkle

How to use Sugarbabe lip scrub:

Apply Sugarbabe as part of a daily cleansing regime, or before lipstick application. Rinse (or lick off for a taste of deliciousness!) after scrubbing gently.

Other details: 

Sugarbabe lip scrubs are handmade and lovingly mixed together, free of animal products and not tested on animals. Not suitable for diabetics.

Retail price: 

R40 per 20g scrub

My review

I have used a lip scrub for as long as I can remember and they have played a huge role in keeping my lips in tip-top condition no matter the season.

Lipcare has always played an important part in my beauty regime, simply because my lips crack and bleed if I don’t pay attention to them. I use a good quality lip balm all day, every day and, a couple times I week I use my lip scrub to get rid of all the dead skin and to ensure my lips are ideal for that red lippy I love so much.

After trialling both the lip scrubs for a week now, using them every couple of days, I can happily report that they are pretty darn amazing.

They work well, doing their job at removing all that dead skin, and my lips feel super moisturised afterwards thanks to that coconut oil.

Additionally, every time I have applied a lipstick after use, it has applied smoothly and without fault, exactly what you want when wearing a bright lippy that makes you stand out from the crowd.

To top it off, one aspect that stood out the most when I used the caramel lip scrub, was the attention to detail. Even the smallest details have been taken into consideration. For example, the caramel popcorn included a little bit of salt, making the flavour true to the sweet and salty food its named after!

I have one of these babies floating around in my handbag, and the other in my makeup bag, meaning I have one no matter where I am going! I have raved about both of them to my sister so much that I will be ordering and taking a couple down to Joburg later this year.

For the price point and what you receive, I believe they are great value for money and do the job really well. They smell great, taste delicious and have my lips smoother than usual (you can ask my wife, she is loving how perfect my pout is). A definite winner that I would recommend without a doubt…

How to buy your own!


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