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A month of marriage

It’s a month today since Jeanne and I said our vows and tied the knot, officially making her a Henderson, and we both could not be happier to have taken this ginormous step (I say ginormous because I have not always been a keen supporter of marriage, which is why it took 10 years for it to happen).

In this blog post I just want to put some things down on ‘paper’ – like what went ‘wrong’, the highlights of my day and what I would do differently – as well as share a few of my fave photos taken by my amazing friend and photographer, Gunther Schubert (with the help of his hubby, too).

First up, how dapper does this babe look?

What went ‘wrong’

I say ‘wrong’ because nothing really that serious happened. Well, nothing that couldn’t be fixed and smoothed over almost immediately and with little stress.

  • My sister’s shoes (we both were meant to wear the same ones) ended up losing some rhinestones on their way here from the UK, so we ended up having to nip to the shops to try and find her a pair last minute. Thankfully we found the perfect pair in time!
  • We ended up with an extra plate of food we didn’t order, which landed up on our bill – probably the most shitty thing out of everything, to be honest.
  • I realised that time goes faster than you think and, while getting ready, we had to rush a little. Although we did get everything done and ready in time, we definitely should have started earlier!
  • I had a minor panic about my hair. I knew exactly what I wanted (like 6 months before the time), but when I sat down in the chair and Eulodie started blow-drying it, I changed my mind. So I went from wanting my hair curly to having is straight, which ended up being way more ‘me’ than if I had it curly anyways.

Hightlights of our day

Of course there are so many hightlights I would love to talk about, however, there are some that stood out more than others. So I am going to focus on them.

  • Getting ready with my mum and sister. There is nothing quite like spending the most nerve-wrecking moments before your wedding with your mum and sister there for you. Sanity savers!
  • My dad coming to fetch me from the hotel room and walking me down the aisle. Shit, I will never ever forget how tight I was holding on to his arm.
  • Seeing Jeanne at the end of the aisle. I really thought I was going to be so preoccupied with everyone staring at me – I hate attendtion so much and walking down the aisle was the thing I was dreading the most – but I literally only saw her and her smile.
  • Hearing Jeanne’s vows. Shit, if you know Jeanne and you are reading this, you know she doesn’t do long, soppy speeches. Well, she blew me away with her vows completely. They were 2 pages long and made my heart sing and my eyes water.
  • Our first sokkie. Now, Jeanne and I have been together for a long time, but I avoid looking like a tool at all costs, which means I have avoided the sokkie. However, I was throwing caution to the wind on our wedding day and did it anyway. And we didn’t land up in a heap on the floor – nailed it!

What I would have done differently

Absolutely nothing.

We used our money for the things that were important to us: the food and photographer, we did most of the decor ourselves, we left all of our guests to their own devices – because they are adults – and we just enjoyed every single moment.

My advice to you

  • Don’t stress. I might have been a little nervous, but I didn’t stress. I did not stress about a single thing which contributed to me having the most magical day ever.
  • Do everything the way you want to. Don’t let anyone influence what you want to do or how you want to do it. You will regret it if you do.
  • Don’t go overboard. This is just my opinion, but you can have a beautiful day that you will remember and enjoy without spending every penny you have or taking out a loan. Really, I promise you, it can happen. We made it happen!
  • Enjoy each other. Your wedding day is about you and your partner. Everyone is there to enjoy it with you, so don’t forget about each other. Jeanne and I mingled, but we spent the majority of the time together, lapping up all the happiness and wonderfulness we could before the day was over.

Wedding vendors:

What wedding memories stand out in your mind? What would your advice be to couples getting married soon? Leave your comments and advice down below!

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