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November wish list

Each month I compile and share a list of my top five (maybe more if I cannot choose!) favourite beauty products, decor items and fashion items that really caught my eye, and feature them altogether in a Wish List just for you, my readers!

Decor and Homeware Wish List

Decor Wish List

1. Rectangular Metal Mirror Medium, Mrp Home, R499.99

Bring an edge to any room you choose with this brass looking mirror shelf form Mrp Home. I love the modern look with the rough brass feel and I can only imagine some of my fave trinkets sitting looking all pretty on this industrial shelf.

2. Yoga Stretch Bunny, Mrp Home, R129.99

I love yoga and practice it as much as I can and my body will allow, so I fell in love with this cute little bunny when I saw it in-store at Mrp Home.

3. Laguiole Ivory Cutlery Set 24 Piece, Woolworths, R1999.00

There is nothing quite like eating with a quality set on cutlery, and this gorgeous ivory set from Woolies would look so freaking nice on my table.

4. Hanging Wooden Shelf with Natural Leather Straps, Yuppiechef, R489.00

Clearly I am all about shelving this month, and I love the contrast between the gorgeous leather straps and the wooden base. Another cutie that I could see housing all of my make up and other goodies.

5. Foliage Door Stop, Yuppiechef, R149.00

Living in the windy city, I am sure we are all used to doors slamming. To combat that – and to stop the hole in the wall where the door handle keeps banging against it getting bigger – I have been looking for the perfect door stop, and I think I just found it! The colours would match so lovely with our decor, I think it’s a winner.

Beauty Wish List

Beauty Wish List

1. Caribbean Tan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream, Clicks, R59.95

I am so desperate to look brown this summer as I know it will improve my confidence and make me look and feel healthier, and I have even tried out some of the best self tan I have ever laid eyes on from Skinny Tan (read my review).

Additionally I have come across this delightful tinted body bronzer from Caribbean Tan that I would love, love, love to try out as a daily or nightly solution that washes off when I get in the shower.

This delightful one night (or day) commitment is formulated with Vitamin E and Cranberry Seed Extract, and the Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream hydrates and protects your skin while giving off that perfect sheen.

Your skin will have a beautiful, subtle and glamourous luminosity that’s suitable for any occasion, including if you just want to feel gorgeous.

If you are worried about coming out a little like Edward from Twighlight, don’t worry, as this shimmer cream is formulated with just the right amount of micro-sparkle that will make your skin tone look more even and your imperfections less noticeable.

Caribbean Tan doesn’t believe in testing on animals and ensure all our products are PETA approved! Additionally, their Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream is Paraben Free, making this product even more attractive than before (who knew that was even possible?).

2. BarryM Molten Metals Nail Polish (in Gold Digger), Boots or the BarryM website, £3.99

Who said “all that glitters isn’t gold?”. Okay, well maybe they are right most of the time, but in this case, they are wrong!

BarryM has to be my favorite nail varnish brand, mainly because the quality of their polishes – in every single aspect – is so, so, so good. They dry quickly, have a vast range of colours and types (from gel to matte and so much more), and last until it starts to grow out and I am forced to take it off. I mean, what else could a nail varnish lover want?

Anyway, so I was looking to buy a gold polish that I have (I bought it ages ago) and I couldn’t find it online, only to find that (I think) it has been replaced by a gold found in the Molten Metals range.

I have already ordered one and my mum will be bringing it when she comes in December as I want to test it out as part of my wedding look! Eeeek.

3. Noughty Rise & Shine Everyday Shine Shampoo, Clicks, R119.00

I don’t know about you, but I wash my hair a lot. At least every second day and when it’s super hot and I get super sweaty (over share) I end up washing it every day in summer.

This means that I am constantly on the hunt to find a shampoo that restores moisture to my hair – as it dries out from washing it so much.

Cue Noughty Rise & Shine Everyday Shine Shampoo. According to the bottle, this everyday shampoo “helps to wash away daily dirt and restores lost brilliance to normal and dry hair with its 97% natural formulation made with blue mallow flower and jojoba oil. Made without petrochemicals for completely natural care.”

Well, you’ve caught my attention! And, although I think it is a little pricey, I think it is worth giving it a go since I need my hair to stay in top condition for my wedding next year.

4. Labello Blackberry Shine, Dischem, R32.95

Labello has taken the internet by storm over the last couple of weeks as it launched the amazing Labello Blackberry Shine.

After seeing numerous reviews and feeling confident that it did not provide too much colour for daily use, I decided to buy one the other day. I have to admit I was super impressed with how amazing my lips felt after just one full day of applying it.

Not only does it give you that delicate touch of colour that makes your lips subtly pop, but it really softens your lips and restores lost moisture during super hot days. I think it’s a keeper and I rarely use anything by my Blistex DCT, so I think that says a lot.

5. Oh So Heavenly Hair Scensations Refreshing Hair Fragrance Paradise Escape, Clicks, R34.95

I saw this hair fragrance on another South African blogger’s blog and it intrigued me. There is nothing better than fresh smelling hair and sometimes shampoo – although it makes your hair shiny and clean – doesn’t have a powerful enough smell.

This delightful product is suitable for all hair types, and it aims to surround your hair strands with both scent and shine, helping your hair smell fresh and feel revitalised.

My only thought, when I was reading up about it, was “does it make your hair oily?”, and apparently it doesn’t! Making it another product I am dying to try out.

Fashion Wish List

Fashion Wish List

1. White Stripy Winking Body Suit, The Fix, R99.99

Another product that I saw on another South African blogger’s blog, this winking body suit would be super cute to wear with a pair of denims this summer!

2. “Must be a mermaid” Tank Top, The Fix, R79.99

Mermaid everything! Another item from The Fix, I loved the simplicity of this cute tank and the shells that cover the breast area (as if the wearer were a real mermaid). Again, I would love to pair this cute tank with some denim shorts or throw it over a bikini after taking a dip.

3. “Beach Bum” Stripe Tankini Top and Stripe Bikini Bottoms, Mrp, R90 and R80

Anyone else have tiny boobs? Raise your hands. Great. Well, good news, Mrp has some super cute tankinis in store and they are great for us. Us being those who lack in the chest department but make up for it in a number of more interesting ways. Ha!

There are a number of cute designs to choose from but I liked this one the most, mainly because of the silver print and milkshake pink colour. I can totes see myself prancing around on the beach in this gorgeous bikini.

4. Belted Striped Tunic, Woolworths, from R499.00

There is nothing like an airy tunic in summer, it’s a must-have item for those who get hot even while sitting behind their desk.

This light colour stripy tunic from Woolies is super cute and could be paired with a number of amazing shoe options. From bright heels to glittery pumps or bejewelled thongs, you can dress this summery option both up and down depending on the occasion.

5. Striped Mid Rise Jeggings, Woolworths, from R425.00

Jeggings. I know not everyone is a fan. But, they are another great  staple item for summer as they are the perfect thickness to deal with the heat.

Not quite as thick as jeans and not quite as thin as leggings – and in a cute stripy print to boots – these gorgeous Woolies jeggings would be perfect to pair with a pair of flip-flops and a bright crop top enabling you to show off your best assets.

And that’s that, guys. Thank you for checking out my wish list to see what caught my eye this month (so far)! If you have found something absolutely amazing that you would like to tell me about, let me know in the comment box below, I would love to see it and hear from you!

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  • Reply Tendai

    Loved your choices. Especially the yoga bunny! How unique is that, was pleasantly surprised by its price point too. I always fear making a wish list. I think I have way too many “needs” but one that is a constant that comes to top of mind right now is Carrol Boyes *sigh* I will take one of everything in there thank you – lol. Imagine if I was to list more…

    November 15, 2016 at 5:24 pm
  • Reply Liza Welsh

    Loving the doorstop and mermaid tank top! They have also made their way onto my wishlist.

    November 15, 2016 at 9:05 am
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