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October wish list

Each month I compile and share a list of my top five (maybe more if I cannot choose!) favourite beauty products, decor items and fashion items that really caught my eye, and feature them altogether in a Wish List just for you, my readers!

Decor and Homeware Wish List


1. Palm Leaves Tablecloth, Woolworths, R399.00

Jean and I invested in a gorgeous outdoor picnic table with benches when we moved into our house, and we have been meaning to get a tablecloth for ages now, but i just haven’t found the one.

Anyway, while browsing the Woolie website, I came across this Palm Leaves Tablecloth, and it’s bright and summery and lovely, and I think that it’s the tablecloth we have been waiting for! Need, need, need!

2. Chilpil™ Double, ChilPil, R1 490 – R2 380

So, I love quirky and amazing furniture, and when I came across ChilPil on Facebook, I knew it would be something I would feature on my wish list!

These gorgeous outdoor furniture pieces are made from ultra durable polyester 1600D waterproof material with a high quality zipper, and there is an inner lining that holds the polystyrene bean filling.

The polyester material is waterproof – which enables it to be used outside – and can be easily wiped down if you spill anything on it. Which is great for me, because, well, I spill stuff a lot.

You can use Chilpil furniture by the pool, in your garden or inside in your lounge, they are very versatile and are he perfect furniture option for all occasions.

You can order a Chilpil chair in a lounger, single or double. Hmmm, I think I would like a double so that Jean and I can cuddle in the sunshine!

3. Coconut Lime Wax Filled Bottle CandleMrp Home, R59.99

I am a little obsessed with candles. You can never have too many, right? You can put them int he bathroom, in the lounge, in the bedroom. Basically, you can put them anywhere and they smell ncice and look pretty.

I liked this little candle from Mrp Home not only because it’s displayed in a cute little milk-bottle, but it’s coconut lime scented. Now if that doesn’t sound like the best summery scent combination to you, I have nothing to say to you.

4. Square White Wood Black Board and Key Holder@Home, R229.00

I am constantly misplacing my keys. Constantly. So when I saw this cute little black board, key holder combination, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to invest in one to stop me forgetting where I put my keys.

What I like about this beauty the most, though, is that you can write little notes to yourself on the blackboard so that you don’t forget other stuff, too. Good for those of us who have memories like a goldfish.

5. Lush Life Teapot, Woolworths, R230.00

You all know about my tea obsession. It’s more out of control than ever. Seriously, you should see my cupboard. There is more tea than food. I basically have ever kind and flavour possible.

Anyway, some of my collection is made up of looseleaf tea, meaning that I need a teapot that it can steep in. Now, of course, I already have one of those. But, in my opinion, you can never have enough teapots, and I need this one. Please and thank you.

Beauty Wish List

1. Blue Oval Spool Make Up Brush Set, Best Beauty Buys & Gadgets – South Africa, R495.00

I have seen these brushes everywhere. On YouTube, Facebook and numerous adverts, and I have to say, I am intrigued by them.

They look like they would be weird to handle, but from all of the videos I have watched on YouTube, they look like they make putting on your makeup that much easier.

Definitely something to add to my wish list, and something I look forward to purchasing in the near future!

Oooh, plus they come in so many different colour, but I love these blue ones!

2. Lava Lamp Bath Bomb, Lush, R69.50

I don’t think that there are any woman who don’t like bath bombs. They are just too expensive to buy often, and I normally only purchase one every now and again.

Lush has just released this gorgeous new bath bomb, called Lava Lamp, and it kind of reminds me of Halloween. Good thing it’s October!

Made with 100% traceable cocoa butter, this bright orange bath bomb will create the hypnotic spectacle of a lava lamp in your own bath, taking you back to the swinging sixties.

A triple whammy of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and orange flower give this vibrant bomb a fragrance like fruit pastilles. Mmmm, sounds like it would smell absolutely magical.

3. Piñita Colada Body Wash, The Body Shop, R99.00

You got to love The Body Shop, they are always adding to their extensive range of products, surprising us all with their new scents. Their latest addition is their Piñita Colada body care range and it will undoubtedly brighten up our summer.

This irresistible summer scent evokes the aroma of freshly blended pineapple, coconut flakes and refreshing coconut water, and it has a lightweight texture will quench your skin with moisture and leave you feeling refreshed no matter what the weather. .

The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Shower Gel is soap-free, but has a lather-rich formula that refreshes and revitalizes skin with a deliciously tropical scent. Yay! Something to help my dry summer skin.

4. Yardley Colour Correcting Primer, Clicks, R69.95

Confession. I do not have a colour correcting primer. But I probably should have one, as I have the worst bags under my eyes, and they could certainly do with a little primer.

I have tried a couple of primers while in Clicks, however, I had not found one that I liked as they made my skin oily.

However, this Yardley Colour Correcting Primer – which helps balance discolouration and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for flawless skin – is meant to be lightweight and oil free, so it sounds like my skin would benefit best from their formula. I need to give it a go!

5. Palmers Eventone Suncare Sunscreen Spray SPF 30Clicks, R147.00

Every year summer come around, I embark on a hunt to find a new sunscreen to try. Only because I am obsessed with not getting sun burned and I am obsessed with not doing any more damage to my skin. And, we should all be that obsessed!

I came across this new eventone suncare sunscreen spray made by Palmers, and I am almost certain that this is the one I am going to purchase this year.

I love spray on sunscreen, mostly because it tends to be less oily, you can put it on without having to get your hands covered in it, it goes on even and you can reach all of those hard to get places and don’t have to ask anyone to help you.

This sunscreen helps to protect your skin from sun damage and nourishes it in the process, as well as contains CocoaPlex technology that helps to even out your skin tone and prevent dark spots. Additionally, it;s water-resistant, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. Winner!

Fashion Wish List 


1. Tank Top, Boody Wear SA, R234.95

My cupboard is nothing short of filled to the brim with tank tops; when summer comes around I live in them. They are just so cool and comfortable.

My friend told me about Boody Wear, as she had just bought a couple of their products, and she recommended that I take a look at their tank tops.

Every one of their products are cleverly designed, skin-healthy, eco-friendly and super soft, making them ideal for summer! What’s more, they are super affordable, meaning you can buy a whole load at once go.

Boodywear’s products were made to be comfortable and attractive, yet be in harmony with the earth, which is exactly what they have done! Made out of Organic Bamboo fibre, every one of Boodywear’s products are seam-free and are produced in the most ethical and sustainable way.

2. Woven Knit Graphic Tank, Pick n Pay Clothing, R169.90

I love, love, love graphic tanks for summer. They are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit, or to throw over your bikini when you’re at the beach.

What drew me to this graphic tank from Pick n Pay Clothing, was the little motto down the side, “Be Free & Fear Less”, some words I need to take literally and apply to my life a little more (in my opinion).

3. Plaited Thong Sandal in Colbolt Blue, Mrp, R69.99

I wear thong-type sandals to death in summer, which normally means that they don’t last until next year! However, there is nothing worse than sweating feet on a hot summer’s day, and thong sandals are the perfect footwear to combat that.

Colbolt blue seems to be one of this summer’s must-have colours, and it’s easy to see why. It’s so bright and bold, and will go perfectly with almost anything you wear.

I had to add these sandals to my wish list because I was attracted to their plaited sides. It just adds a little something to the shoe that – if they were not there – would look plain otherwise.

4. Sleeveless Tie Dye T-Shirt, Woolworths, R169.00 

Another bright blue item I would love to add to my wardrobe, this sleeveless tie dye tank from Woolies is made out of a lightweight cotton blend that is ideal for summer’s super hot days.

This is a tank I would wear to lunch with my friends or to the beach with my babe, paired with denim short or jeans for an easy going look that’s right on trend.

5. Lace Up Skirt, Legit, R179.99

The first thing I thought when I saw this skirt was “oh, this would look amazing paired with a plain white tank for an easy but cute look in summer”.

I think I own a total of two skirts, which is shocking for some, I know. But I hate it when my thighs stick together in the heat. I really, really do. So I try to avoid wearing anything that allows that to happen.

However, I really love this cute lace up skirt from Legit, and I can see myself wearing it to death throughout the summer months.

Additional Cuties 

Donut Desk Calendar, Mrp Home, R139.99


I love to be organised, so when I came across this cute little desk calendar from Mrp Home I had to add it to my Wish List – and to my desk!

It’s so freaking cute, and I have not stopped using it since I placed it on my desk. My fave aspect about it, though, is the fact that there are no dates specified on each page, meaning that if you do not use it one month, the whole page will not go to waste!

Giant Inflatable Flamingo Float, So Spoilt, R599.00


Last, but certainly not least, my obsession with flamingos continues. I saw this baby on Facebook and I wished so badly that I had my own swimming pool. But, alas, that is not going to stop me from ordering one of these goodies!

My mum and second dad are coming to visit in December over the Christmas holidays, and they are staying in a great little complex that has a massive shared swimming pool.

Oh. Em. Gee. There I will be, floating around on a flamingo over the Christmas holidays (smothered in sun cream) in absolute bliss! Yes. Please.

And that’s that, guys. Thank you for checking out my wish list to see what caught my eye this month (so far)! If you have found something absolutely amazing that you would like to tell me about, let me know in the comment box below, I would love to see it and hear from you!

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    I agree with the tablecloth it really looks great, we have the real deal in our garden! My parents rave about the Delicious Monster. The fruit taste like pineapple and banana. Oh yes i noticed the Body Shop pina colada products they are just the product to have during this summer! Hope your wishes come true to getting at least some of tese items!

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