#periodsarenormal: Bodyform’s bloody good advertising

Bodyform has taken a major step in their latest advertising campaign by choosing to change the colour of the liquid used to show how absorbent their sanitary pads are from blue to red.

I have read a lot of comments made by people from around the world on BBC’s Facebook post regarding this change, and I am a little shaken by how something natural, like a period, is still seen today.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Would it surprise you if I told you that 4/6 of these comments are made by women themselves? It shocked me and it makes me incredibly sad. You can read more comments, here:

Growing up in a household with a nurse as a mum meant that any topic related to our biology was a conversation welcomed, and one we would discuss in length until we understood completely. Come to think of it, it’s still the same today.

This means that I am very open about anything related to my anatomy – including my period – and I am not shy to talk about how I feel or what I go through during that time of the month. Ask Jeanne, she will tell you how open I am – and I am not sorry about it.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I go around telling every Tom, Dick and Harry about my period, but I do feel I can talk about it with my friends, family and even my colleagues when it is brought up. Equally, if an acquaintance brought up the topic, I wouldn’t shy away from discussing it.

Credit: Bodyform Facebook page

Women do not get to choose whether or not they would like to have their period every month and, for some women, it’s not a very pleasant experience to have in the first place. I speak for myself on this one, but I go through a tremendous amount of pain during my period every month, and find it hard to get through without painkillers and a heat source like a hot water bottle. Trust me, I would prefer not to have it if I had the choice. But I don’t. We don’t.

How do I feel about this new campaign?

To be honest, the blue liquid that Bodyform used previously didn’t offend me, but neither does them making something completely natural more authentic and real. I commend them for wanting to put themselves out there, to make that risky decision and follow through.

No doubt they would have expected backlash for it, but I hope they know that there are people out there who understand and commend their decision and think it was an amazing step in the right direction. We need to stop shaming in all shapes and forms, and finally realise that these are the kinds of things people deal with every single day and it’s ok to see them and talk about them.

People – not just woman – want to be seen and to feel ‘normal’ in every aspect of their lives. They do not want to attract any attention to things that are deemed gross or taboo, which is why I think people are having a problem with Bodyform’s new ad.

However, we sit and watch episodes after episodes of GoT and gory movies that show nothing but scene after scene containing blood, gore, guts and more. But do we not have a problem with these examples because they are not ‘real’?

It is completely ridiculous that something that is natural is classed as a taboo subject, and that people are worried that they will have to explain to their kids about periods ‘too early’ in life and that they might be traumatised by the colour of the liquid poured over the sanitary pad.

If anything, this is an amazing opportunity to raise the subject more. To talk to our children about what they will experience a little later on in life, so that it does not catch them by surprise or are caught off guard because their parents did not want to talk about it.

Periods might not be attractive, but it’s a natural and much-needed bodily function, and I am so on-board with Bodyform and their bloody good advertising campaign. Let’s turn this taboo subject in to something we can all talk about without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

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