Perks of being married to a girl

There are pros and cons in every relationship, however, sometimes they differ depending on whether you’re in a straight, gay, lesbian, bi or any other relationship. 

In my opinion, there are loads of perks of being married to a girl. Some are more emotional, others practical, but they are all perks in my book. So buckle up!

Sharing clothes

Okay, Jeanne won’t think sharing clothes is a perk like I do because, well, she dresses in male clothing and wouldn’t touch my girly things. However, I love some of her stuff. By this, I mean that t-shirt that has tiny little dinosaurs printed all over it, it looks cute on me too.

Hello hormones

Wow, there are both up and downsides to having two sets of hormones under one roof. However, I think it is a perk because, hear me out, at least Jeanne knows exactly how I feel when I am bleeding to death and in so much pain I am curled up in a ball on the floor once a month.

Sorry not sorry for the graphic description.

Woman-to-woman understanding

Jeanne and I know exactly how the other one is feeling at any given time. We know what each facial expression, sigh and gaze translate to and, well, it’s great to know what the signals mean (most of the time) without having to go into a long-winded explanation that usually turns into a fight.

I hate to say that it’s like talking to your girlfriends, but it kinda is. There is no problem big or small, bitchy or over-the-top that I feel I can’t talk about with Jeanne.

Sharing products

Whether it be make-up or perfume, hairspray or straighteners it’s pretty cool to be able to share your partner’s products (if you like the same scents, etc).

Jeanne doesn’t wear make-up, but I do steal a spritz of her perfume every now and again and – I know for a fact – that if she did wear make-up, it would be a sharing-is-caring kind of situation.


Yoh, guys, it’s so nice to have someone who wants to help me or who can help me with my hair when I can’t/don’t get it right. From plaits to ponytails, Jeanne helps me out without moaning and gets it right every time.

Interest in decorating

Not everyone has similar taste in decor etc, but Jeanne is more interested in making an effort and contributing ideas surrounding our home’s decor and overall look – which is pretty important to me.

It makes the whole process way less stressful and much more fun!

And last, but not least…

No pregnancy scares

Lols. Do I need to say more? Sorry, mum.

So there you have it, the perks of living with/dating/being married to a woman. Please be aware that this is just a bit of fun and my opinions. 

Each and every relationship is different, regardless of who you are dating, so not every lesbian, bisexual, gay (etc) relationship is the same – and I am not trying to put anyone in a box and we are not about that offended life.

Stay tuned for the not-so-perks of living with/dating/being married to a woman. Why? Because sometimes it’s nice to have a laugh. 

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  • Reply Melissa Javan

    Wow interesting. I like this

    April 17, 2018 at 11:45 am
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Thank you!

      April 17, 2018 at 4:31 pm
  • Reply Alex

    Love this post! I always wondered, and you just confirmed how blissful it can be feel so bad being hetero right now! Watching the masters! Oh lord!

    April 7, 2018 at 9:54 pm
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