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Radisson Blu’s Saturday Night Supper Club

On the last Saturday of every month from May until September, Radisson Blu Hotel will be hosting their yearly Saturday Night Supper Club, an event where their chef, Chef Norman, designs a menu of wholesome, hearty, winter warmer dishes, which are carefully paired with selected wines.

The details

The best part about Radisson Blu’s Saturday Night Supper Club, is that each event will feature a different wine farm, meaning that you could attend every single one this winter and be surprised by amazing new wines from a wine farm you may not have heard of or tried wine from before.
Price: R345 per person which includes the three course dinner and wines
List of wine farms for the rest of the season:
  • 27th May – Remhoogte (first event)
  • 24th June – Springfield
  • 29th July – Jordan
  • 26th August – Montpellier
  • 30th September – Morgenster

Our experience

It was Jeanne and my first time at Radisson Blu, so we did not know quite what to expect. However, once we walked through the doors and were greeted by the grand hotel, we knew we were in for a treat.
On arrival to the restaurant we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to the VIP area and were given a welcome drink of Remhoogte First Light Chenin Blac 2016, which was light, crisp and a perfect start to the evening.
While seated and chatting to the other guests, we were delivered two gorgeous canapes of salmon with an avo mousse, and warm butternut soup in a tiny espresso cup – which tasted amazing and won me over with its presentation, too.

Course one: Braised oxtail soup, petit yorkshire pudding, and chive crème fraîche with Remhoogte 2015 Vantage Pinotage

I am not a great fan of oxtail, although Jeanne has made a couple of oxtail stews and the dish is growing on me, but to have oxtail in a soup, I was not quite sure what to expect.
Beautifully presented, out came the oxtail soup and when it was put down in front of us both Jeanne and I could not wait to take our first spoonful. Perfect for a wintery eve, it was so much more than just soup.
The depth of flavour was amazing, and it incorporated a traditional oxtail stew but in soup form, with a thin broth with a selection of veggies and deliciously soft and succulent meat.

Course two: Steak and Guinness stew, creamy mustard mash, slow roasted root vegetables with Remhoogte 2014 Aspect Merlot

Stew is known to be a staple winter dish, incorporating all things hearty, rich and divine, so when I saw stew was a part of this amazing dinner, I knew we were in for a treat.

The first thing on the plate I noticed was the mash and root veg. From tender roast beets to purple carrots, each bite was more divine than the next – and I had not even tried the stew yet!

Once I had devoured the veggies, I took a scoop of my mash, dunked it in the stew and popped it in my mouth, only for my eyes to light up at the absolute richness that filled every inch of my gob.

The last bit I had left to try was the meat of course, and it wasn’t a let down. As soon as I started to chew, each piece literally melted in my mouth – exactly the way meat should be prepared.

Course three: Dark chocolate and banana brownie, bacon ice-cream and dried banana with Remhoogte 2014 Chronicle Cape Blend

Bacon ice-cream? Yes, you read that right. This whole combination might sound bizarre, but it could not have been more ‘right’. Bacon and banana have been pair on toast and on pancakes, so why not with a brownie, right?

Imagine the best combination of subtly salty bacon (ice-cream) with the sweetness of banana and chocolate, and there you have it: the perfect dessert. Oh, and mix in some pecan nuts, too, because – you know – a brownie would not be a brownie without some crunch!

Wine, glorious wine!

To touch on the wines, each one was paired incredibly well with each dish. The deep reds paired beautifully with the richness of each dish, only bringing out the flavours even more, and the crisp white on arrival started out the evening on a high!

Final thoughts

All-in-all the whole experience was amazing. A wine lovers dream, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time. From the live music to getting the lowdown on all the wines you will be sipping on from the wine farm’s representative, it’s a great night out for friends, family and foodies to enjoy.

If you want to book your spot at one of Radisson Blu’s Saturday Night Supper Club dinners, you can do just that, here. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 

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    Nice to see a review of a Port Elizabeth experience 🙂 Pity I’m not a wine lover!

    June 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm
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    Looks like a treat!

    June 13, 2017 at 12:19 pm
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