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Red, red wine: Opulence Private Reserve

There’s nothing quite like a good bottle of red wine to help you unwind after a long week. Oh, the sight of that beautiful coloured nectar pouring out the bottle and slipping into a wine glass is so pleasurable. So orgasmic. So, wow. And Opulence from Merriment & Co. is no different. 

Merriment & Co loved Opulence – an organic wine – so much, that they went and bought the brand and included it in their portfolio, making it available to all of us.

A premium red wine with opulent flavours of dark fruit, violets and a slight hint of black pepper, it is seductively smooth on the palate and has a lingering soft finish, hints of oak and lightly textured tannins.

Opulence is an exclusive Private Reserve handcrafted and bottled by a unique wine farm in the Western Cape, making it local and so very, very lekker. 


To help me try and review it, I asked a couple of my friends to come over so we could pop the cork and enjoy it together.

The first thing we all noticed was the beautifully detailed label, with its gold embellishments and intricate swirls. It’s eye-catching, to say the least, and it’s definitely a wine I would choose to try simply because of how luxurious the label looks.

Once we popped the cork, we could immediately smell the richness of the wine and caught a whiff of the dark fruits I read about on Merriment & Co’s website.

Pouring the wine into the glass was like a show all of its own, as the velvety liquid smoothly touched each side of the glass, like a dance, before settling.

We all picked up our glasses and clinked them together before each of us brought them to our lips for a cheeky sip. What happened next, well, we took another, and another, before I had to ask them to put their glasses down and tell me what they thought real quick.

The overall consensus was short and sweet, we all adored it – every single sip.

It’s safe to say that we each had a couple of glasses and finished the bottle (which has been kept and is now being used as a candle holder because it’s too beautiful to recycle), and I have been told that they will be ordering a bottle or two to enjoy throughout the year – which I am glad to hear.

Opulence, in my opinion, is a great wine to drink by yourself or with a group of friends. It’s smooth, easy to drink and all of the amazingly tasting notes come through beautifully – some are more subtle, while others (the black pepper and oak, for me) stand out and play a deliciously unforgettable role.

If you’re a big fan of red wine, and you’re looking for a new bottle to try, I would highly recommend giving Opulence a sip.

Available on Merriment & Co’s website.

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