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Savanna Black Beard and the #perfectpairing

A few weeks back, Jeanne and I were invited to the #PerfectPairing dining experience with InstaEats and Savanna at Villains in town. This was an amazing opportunity to try out the latest Savanna varient – Savanna Black Beard – with a number of delish food pairings.

We had never been to Villains before, so we didn’t know what we were in for, what kind of restaurant it was or what kind of vibe it would have. However, from the moment we stepped through the door, I completely fell in love.

It’s a ‘darker’ venue, with amazing prints, illustrations and other artworks spread across every wall. It also has two levels, making the space seem huge with it’s gorgeous hugh ceilings. The colours are dark, giving it a vampy vibe – which I love – and, in my opinion, it screams everytihng grunge.

What is Savanna Black Beard?

Made with a splash of rum flavour, Savanna Black Beard is the brand spanking new varient that is guarenteed to fill everybody’s cooler boxes this summer and over the festive season. Well, I know mine will be!

Accoring to the website: 

“Legend has it that whilst ransacking a town off the coast of Barbados, a pirate crew got their hands on a delicious golden liquid.

It was unlike anything they’d ever tasted before, and, realising they must keep it secret, the pirates decided to keep all future pillaging to the twilight hours and share their discovery with a only chosen few. ”

Savanna Black Beard’s tasting notes include dried fruit and hints of spice and oak wood, all of which come through in every single mouthful. Mmm…

The #perfectpairing

The pairing itself was delicious. We got to drink each of Savanna’s delicious varients, each paired with an amazing course made by Chef Wesley Rob. Here is a little break down of what each course entailed:

Course one: 

Savanna Dry: A crisp sparking and dry distinctive apple cider for anytime drinking. This was paired with slow roasted pork belly, burnt apple puree, pickled daikon with a Savanna Light granite.

Course two:

Savanna Loco: A crisp and dry apple cider with fresh tequila flavour. Perfect for high-tempo, up-beat occasions. The Savanna Loco was paired with a soft taco with lamb chili con carne, black beans and guacamole.

Course three: 

Savanna Black Beard: A crisp cider with dark rum, dried fruit notes and hints of spice and oak wood. This was paired with a malva pudding, rum soaked melon and vanilla bean ice cream.

Overall, each pairing was well thought out with all the flavours complimenting each other really well. Super tasty and such a fun way to enjoy the new Savanna Black Beard!

The recommended price for this amazing new cider is R79.95 for a siz pack and R289.95 for a whole case. Available at leading liquor outlets nationwide! 

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