September Wish List

Each month I compile and share a list of my top five (maybe more if I cannot choose!) favourite beauty products, decor items and fashion items that really caught my eye, and feature them altogether in a Wish List just for you, my readers! Can you believe that it’s September already? Eeek!

September Beauty Wish List 



1. Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder, Tweexy, R225 

I have wanted one of these babies since they made their appearance here in SA, mainly because I would benefit from using it every time I paint my nails as I am such a cluts! I think I have spilled nail varnish on every surface in our house, which is not great, to be honest.

The Tweexy is a wearable nail polish bottle holder that you wear on your fingers enabling your bottle to stay up straight (and safe) while you paint your nails your fave colour. So. Freaking. Cool!

*Tweexy has sent me one of these gorgeous products to try out, yay! You can read my review of the Tweexy here.

2. Smudge Gel Eyeliner Metallic Silver, Clicks, R34.95

I have mad love for all things shiny, and the Smudge Gel Eyeliner in Metallic Silver is absolutely gorgeous! I saw this beauty in Clicks just the other day and I have added it to my list of ‘things to buy when I get paid’, as I just have to add it to my make up stash.

The gel formula makes it so easy to use, and when I swatched it in the shop I was dreaming about how glamorous it would make my eyes look.

The second thing that got me interested in this product was the price, it’s so affordable! Meaning that you can invest in not only the silver, but the bronze, blue, green, and gold, too! Or am I getting carried away? I just want to put it on my face!

3. Oh So Heavenly Hair Sensations Weightless Prohealth Treatment Mask Care and Caress, Clicks, R41.95

Now, I don’t know about all of you, but as soon as the sun comes out my hair tends to dry up, and what makes it worse is that I have so. much. hair. Nightmare!

I have used a certain hair mask since I cam remember – the TRESemme Protect for Extra Dry, Brittle Hair – however, you can’t really find it these days, so I have been on the lookout for something new to make my hair shiny and help it to retain moisture. That’s when the Oh So Heavenly Hair Sensations Weightless caught my eye, so I think I am going to give it a go and see how it does!

4. L’Oreal Lipgloss Infallible Matte Fx Say My Name, Clicks, R135.96

Is anyone else completely and utterly obsessed with red lipstick? As obsessed as I am, though, I only have one because I am so damn picky. You can ask Jean, every time I go into Clicks or Dischem I swatch one or two red lipsticks and walk out with none. Mainly because I don’t like the consistency or the colour isn’t quite right.

But, when I was browsing Clicks’ online store the other day I saw this new Lipgloss from LÓreal. Now, I don’t own a single lipgloss because they are normally incredibly sticky. However, this is a matte lipgloss! When did this happen?

The second thing that made me look twice is that you apply it with an applicator lip pen instead of a wand, which – in my opinion – will be so much easier to navigate and use!

5. Creightons Professional Hold & Body Curl Defining Mouse, Clicks, R143

If you have been on my Instagram account recently, you will know that I have chopped most of my hair off into a lob – and I am loving it! I have so much hair and it is so thick that tying it up gives me a headache. So I thought it was time for a change! (It also helps that my gorgeous girlfriend is a hairdresser, thanks babe!).

Anyway, what I love about my hair being shorter is that I can do so much more with it, and – when it’s wet – if I apply a little mouse it goes slightly wavy! Which never, ever, ever happens when it’s long.

Now that it’s shorter, I have been on the hunt for a good mouse to help me get that wavy look, but it still has to be good enough quality to hold my thick locks the whole day. Cue Creightons Professional Hold & Body Curl Defining Mouse from The Curl Company! Eeek.

Another product I saw in Clicks the other day, it is formulated to lock in curls and minimize frizz, I think I have found true love! Gimme, gimme, gimme.

September Decor & Homeware Wish List



1. AGA Rayburn, AGA Living, Contact for Price 

Although a product that will be on my wish list of a very. long. time. I had to include this gorgeous appliance from AGA Living – the AGA Rayburn.

It is a cast iron oven and stove, but additionally includes a built-in-boiler that provides radiators with central heating and hot water at the turn of a tap.

Suited – but not limited to – lodges, farms, and off-grid living, it makes a great center piece in any home that gently warms your house and your heart.

*Sigh*, a girl can dream!

2. Flush Pull Handles, Handles Inc., R150 each

I am all about minimalist living and minimalist decor, which why these Flush Pull Handles from Handles Inc. caught my attention.

Sleek, streamlined and so very modern, when Jean and I finally buy our own house and re-do the kitchen, these would be ideal for kitchen drawers. Although, I think I would have them throughout the house, you know, just to make sure it all matches! OCD much?

3. Square Dimensional Mirror, Mrp Home, R1 200

I am pretty much obsessed with mirrors at the moment, and when I find one as pretty as this Square Dimensional Mirror from Mrp Home, I cannot resist.

Mirrors make amazing wall pieces, especially when they look more like a work of art like this one, bringing some additional quirkiness  to your home.

Unfortunately as much as I love this mirror, I don’t think it will be making an appearance on my wall, only because it’s a bit too pricey. But I really do love it.

4. Stoneware Soap Dispenser, HM, R149

Bathrooms are one of the least attractive places in a home, as there are only so many ways you can add colour and decor to a bathroom without something getting knocked over, broken or dragged off by the dog – the dog being my dog.

However, I love our bathrooms in our home, and always make an effort to make the guest bathroom pretty, and there is no better way to do that than with some cute but necessary accessories.

At the moment we don’t have a cute soap dispenser, but I really, really like this one, mainly because it’s black and white (mating our colour theme, which includes black, white and grey so it’s a perfect fit) and has an Aztec print that I cannot resist.

5. Bamboo Containable Cylinder, @Home, R219

Last, but not least, I am always on the look out for cute and unusual trinkets that I can add to my little collection – and I say little because I am so very picky about what I display in our home. I just like unusual things that stand out, okay?

I was drawn to this cute little container because of two things, the orange colouring and the cute bamboo lid. I can only imagine how cute it would look on my dressing table storing all of my rings or bracelets – *hint, hint Jeanne*.

September Fashion Wish List



1. Gorgeous Phone Covers, Hey Casey!, R150 each

I have had the exact same phone cover for two years. Basically it was one of those flip covers, but the actual cover fell off and now it is just a jelly case. Lame. But now I have come across Hey Casey!, I have decided that I need to invest in one of their gorgeous phone covers.

They have a few different ranges, including a Marble Collection, Hello Spring Collection, Beauty Bag Collection, Henna Collection and – my fave – the Foodie Collection! Yes, that means that there are phone covers printed with doughnuts and ice creams and I would prob be hungry all day long. But I need one!

2. Black Suade Choker Necklace, Jewels and Lace, R59

Choker necklaces are so in at the moment, but I don’t do well with little charms dangling and touching my neck all day – again, I am so picky. But I came across this suade beauty from Jewels and Lace and it is everything I would choose in a choker – plain, simple and elegant. Plus, you could wear it with absolutely anything.

3. Triangle Bikini Top, HM, R229 & 4. Bikini Bottoms, HM, R149

It’s (almost) bikini season guys. That means sun, sea, sand and tanning, and I really, really can’t wait to hit the beach.

Every girl searches for their fave bikini right before summer starts – you know, so we are ready to soak up as many rays as possible – and when I locked eyes on this light blue bikini, it was love at first sight.

It was the thin straps of the bikini top and the full-sided bottoms that caught my eye – as I don’t like those bikinis that you have to tie in knots everywhere – as well as the gorgeous powdery blue colour. I think this is the one, guys, I really do.

5. Kitty Kat Sunnies, Cotton On, Find Price in the Shop

Meow! Sunnies are a summer essential, as squinting is unattractive and – more importantly – hurts our eyes, so we need a pair in our bag at all times.

These Kitty Kat Sunnies from Cotton on are too cute, and I can see myself now, strutting up to the sandy beach looking all fierce. Ha. Maybe not. But I love them (especially in this lighter colour, as they are available in black, too), and think they would not only compliment a bikini, but everyday attire, too.

And that’s that, guys. Thank you for checking out my wish list to see what caught my eye this month (so far)! If you have found something absolutely amazing that you would like to tell me about, let me know in the comment box below, I would love to see it and hear from you!

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  • Reply Victoria

    Every single item on your wish list is to die for! Like literally lol. I love love love those Kitty Sunglasses! I need them!

    September 15, 2016 at 3:48 pm
    • Reply Claire Henderson

      Thank you! I know, how freaking cute are they? They will be perfect for summer.

      September 15, 2016 at 5:05 pm

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