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A couple of weeks ago, a blogger friend of mine passed along my name to Big Blue, who were looking for bloggers to use their online ordering service and contribute feedback.

I am just going to start out by saying that I love Big Blue’s shop. Whenever we have been at Montecasino, we have spent quite literally hours in Big Blue giggling at all their amazingly naughty novelty items, trying to decide what t-shirt I wanted to buy next, and leaving with a huge bag of goodies because, why the hell not?

However, I have never taken the time to look at or purchase anything from their website. Maybe this is because I am not a huge fan of online shopping in South Africa, or that I just didn’t even think about Big Blue having an online store.

So today I am going to share my online store experience with you (including how I found the process) as well as a little bit about what I chose to purchase with my Big Blue voucher (which was so kindly given to me, thank you!).

Big Blue’s online store

This is what Big Blue‘s website looks like:

The first thing I notice – apart from how colourful and eye catching their website is – is that it’s extremely user-friendly. The menu runs across the top of the page and has several drop-down options where you can refine your search from the get-go, which is a big help.

Once you have finished browsing all of their products and have chosen what you want, you can then add them to your basket one-by-one (like you normally would if you’re a pro at online shopping).

After you have added everything you want to your virtual basket, the next steps include reviewing your items, filling in your payment details and making payment.

I found the whole process extremely easy, secure and, again, user-friendly. The only issue I had – because I am so indecisive and could not make up my mind – was when I added items to my basket and then browsed for another half an hour only to add another item to my basket and find the other items disappeared. This is just a sort-of ‘time-out’ function. Once I (finally) placed my order, I received a confirmation email, followed by an invoice email with an order/reference number.

Now, to be completely honest, I really thought I would wait a couple of days before my package arrived but, to my surprise, it was delivered the very next day! I was both shocked and delighted to have my Big Blue box in my hand quite literally less than 24-hour later!

I ripped off the delivery bag that it came in and pulled out the cutest little branded box (see above) and opened it up to find a beautifully wrapped parcel with all my goodies inside and tied with a gorgeous red bow. 10/10 for presentation Big Blue, really, it made the parcel complete.

I carefully undid the bow (because it’s cute and I want to keep it of course) and ripped open the yellow tissue paper to finally get my hands on my purchases – can you tell I was excited?

This is a little overview of what I got:

  • Survival Tool: Survival tool with pouch. Mini tool has 11 functions in 1. Includes can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, 4 position wrench, butterfly screw wrench. Also includes saw blade, 2 position wrench, key chain hole, bottle opener, and direction auxiliary indication. Stainless steel, measures 2.75 by 1.75 by 0.1 inches
  • PopSocket – White Marble: PopSockets are expanding phone grips and phone stands which stick to the back of your phone, tablet or case. Use them for gripping, propping, cord management, and taking better selfies. They also make holding tablets and e-readers more comfortable and secure.
  • Ultra Bright Selfie Light: #SMILE #NOFILTER #PERFECT. Rechargeable light with 36 LED’s and 3 settings. Fits any phone for easy use. Compact and easy to take with you everywhere. Every selfie needs this light. Measures 8.25 by 3.17 cm.
  • Lipbalm Dog – White: Kikkerland lip balm dog in the Sweet Vanilla flavour. Lipbalm tube measures 11cm x 1.5cm.
  • Mini Level Keyring: Available in Blue and Green. Dimensions (excl. chain): 1.5cm x 4cm.

A couple of the novelty things I bought for Jeanne – the survival tool and the mini level – and I bought the PopSocket and the Selfie Light for myself (to use for blogging images and when we are out-and-about).

Jeanne loved her little gifts and has added her mini level to her house keys and has already got her survival tool in her wallet. So far, I have not tried out the Selfie Light, but have added the PopSocket to my phone and don’t know how I have been functioning without one!

I will do a little review on all the gifts I chose later to go in to more depth in case you are interested in purchasing any of the goodies I received, as I know this is getting very long.

Final thoughts

Big Blue’s online shopping process is really easy and stress free. All the products are super simple to find, and have great descriptions that go in to detail about each of the products – which are always very helpful.

The only glitch for me personally was the ‘time out’ function they have – which a lot of online shops have, too – that cleared my shopping basket while I was being indecisive.

Apart from that, the whole process was an absolute breeze, and I have been raving about the amazing service to everyone that will listen. I have already had a friend say they have placed an order and received the same amazing service I did – which just goes to show that Big Blue’s process is consistent.

When it comes to the products I chose and received, each one of them is great quality and of the highest standards, which I hope will put anyone who is worried about shopping online at ease.

What you see is what you get and there is a slim chance you will be disappointed! I will continue to recommend Big Blue’s online shop as an easy, reliable and stand-out way to order goodies for yourself or as a present. It really is brilliant.

You can visit Big Blue’s online shop, here.

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