Side table by Homemade

Jean and I are slowly but surely buying nicer furniture and new appliances for our home as and when we can afford them. We started with the biggest purchase we have ever made together – a gorgeous grey corduroy couch (see my previous post here). Next we purchased two lamp bases made out of glass that I managed to snap up in a sale at Mrp Home, they were total bargains with R100 off of each! And my latest quest was to find a new side table for our bedroom that would match our bed frame. 

So I did what I do best and took to Gumtree, OLX and Facebook and by chance I came across a local home decor shop called Homemade. Based in Brakenfell, Homemade make decor and furniture items on request in both the paint colour and wood stain of your choice (at a really reasonable price, too!). After emailing Daisy, the owner, and placing my order for one side table (because our dogs sleep on the other side and they won’t budge) she told me it would only take a week to make. We ordered our side table with grey painted legs (to match our colour scheme) and an Imbuia stained top to match our bed frame.


What I love the most about Daisy’s work is the attention to detail. There are gorgeous metal caps placed on each corner (see image below) that add extra character to the piece. We really adore this piece and it fits right in, thank you so much Daisy!


Homemade also makes beautiful bunting (perfect for parties) and printed boards to hang on your wall.

You can check out Homemade’s Instagram account here and be sure to like their Facebook Page, too. If you’ve fallen head over heels with our gorgeous side table and want to put in an order for your own, give Daisy a call on 0842991752 or email her at

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