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Smak Cosmetics’ silicone beauty blender

A couple of months ago Smak Cosmetics sent me a silicone beauty blender to review (thank you so much), and after starting at least five separate videos and getting too anxious to post them, I decided to do a blog post instead.

I feel sad that I have not been able to complete my first video review (of anything, really), but my anxiety really gets in the way, I get nervous and tongue-tied and I end up not putting it up.

I do feel confident though that one day I will finally get a video up, I owe it to myself and especially since my initial (silent) video of me using this amazing blender really had a positive response. I just need to up my confidence and I will do it…

Okay, now that I have got that out and in the open, on to the review.

A little bit about the silicone beauty blender from Smak Cosmetics (according to their website):

  • Save loads of money with this non-porous silicone applicator that doesn’t soak up all your foundations and creams.
  • The super flexible polyurethane means you can fold it into a smaller shape to reach all the little spaces, the inside of your eyes and nose lines.
  • The silicone smooth surface gives you a perfect, flawless, professional finish in seconds.
  • Wash it off with warm water, air dry and use it over and over again.
  • No-toxic BPA free silicone (Food Grade Silicone).
  • No more dirty fungus and mouldy beauty sponges lying around.
  • No more dirty, greasy fingers and clothes.
  • Use it for moisturisers, foundations, bronzers, powders, blushers, highlighters and self-tanning.

Here is my (silent) video showing me using Smak Cosmetics’ silicone beauty blender for the first time:

My first impression when taking the blender out of the (very smart) packaging, was that it was soft and flexible. It felt nice to hold in my hand, which is really important to me seeing as you are going to need to manoeuvre it around your face.

As you can see from my video above, I applied streaks of my foundation to different areas of my face (by pumping my foundation on to the blender and then adding it to my skin) and then started to work it in to my skin. Notice how thick the foundation spread on to my face! Because the silicone beauty blender does not soak up any foundation – the way sponge beauty blenders do – it spread on so much thicker and it really caught me off guard!


I then had to really consciously work the foundation in to my skin, spreading it our and making sure to get in to every nook and cranny of my face. This was not an issue, mainly because the beauty blender is so flexible and soft, and when you press it in to your skin it almost moulds to that area of your face, making sure the foundation makes it in to the sides of your nose and other hard to blend areas.

Another amazing ‘quirk’ that I noticed the silicone beauty blender having is that the more you are working with it the warmer it gets, and this warmth makes it so much easier to move the product you are applying to your face around.

I chose to ‘swipe’ the foundation in to my skin because I had previously seen other reviews and videos saying that it was the best way to apply your foundation using a silicone beauty blender. Personally, I think they are right. Once I had stopped the video, I tried to ‘dab’ the foundation that was on the forehead, and I had a harder time getting it to blend. Although, with some time and patience it did eventually, I just prefer ‘swiping’ it on.

The silicone beauty blender definitely gave (and continues to give) me more coverage, and this is down to the fact that it does not soak up any of your product. When I use my normal sponge beauty blender, I have to use twice the amount of base than I do when I use my silicone beauty blender, which makes me happy because my base is going to last longer (the brand I buy is only available overseas).

There really is no wastage when using this magical beauty product, and I am getting way more coverage the first time around when I apply my base – and, because my skin is really not playing fair at the moment, I really appreciate the coverage.

Additionally, seeing as this beauty blender is made out of silicone it’s super easy to wash, dry and store. All you need is a little warm water and a towel, and you can pack it away ready for the next time you need to use it.

This fabulous little tool has become one I reach for first when I put my hand in my makeup bag. There really is no turning back when you have one of these, really!

If you are interested in having your very own silicone beauty blender from Smak Cosmetics, you can buy one here for R85 – bargain!

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