Strawberries and Scream skate snouts

Roller derby plays a huge part in my life because it is a healthy way for me to de-stress, take a load off and spend some time with a group of amazing women. As you can imagine though (like any sport), gear is expensive, so I am always looking for ways to protect my gear and keep it in tip-top shape. 

Strawberries and Scream is an online Etsy shop selling run by Marina Tavares in the United Kingdom, selling beautiful handmade snouts.

Okay, before I tell you more about Strawberries and Scream, let’s get into some of the finer details. Because let’s face it, you’re probably wondering what on earth a snout, am I right?! (No judgement here, I didn’t know what they were before I started roller derby!).

A snout is a cover that protects the front and sides of the front of your skates from getting scuffed, ripped or, generally, damaged. This can happen while skating, when we fall, or even during a movement like knee-taps. This is where Strawberries and Scream comes in.

Strawberries and Scream make snouts in a variety of different designs that are already loaded on to their Etsy page – think shells, Star Wars characters, skulls, a selection of animals and more.

If you do not fancy any of the designs already on her Etsy page, however, there is the option of choosing a custom design if you want them to go with your derby name, or if you have a lucky symbol or word that means something to you (like I did).

Additionally, another amazing option given to the buyer by Strawberries and Scream is whether they would like natural leather or vegan leather – depending on one’s preference.

Note: Both of these materials wear differently, with the estimated life of natural snouts being up to three years, whereas the vegan snouts lifespan being anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

Of course, these are just estimates and it also depends on how many times the wearer uses them per week, the floor they are used on, and a number of other factors.

The snouts are sold in pairs and come in one size (although she is able to make them in a larger size if requested), and the prices vary – so it’s better to just take a look at her Etsy page and suss all of that out.


Screenshot is taken from Strawberry and Scream’s Etsy page


I chose crystal balls because, one day when I’m ‘big’, I would love my derby name to be ClaireVoyant – a play on clairvoyant, obvs, but using the spelling of my name and playing with caps lock to separate it out. Ahhhh, aren’t they beautiful?

On to my review…

My review

When they arrived I was more than impressed. I chose natural leather and they are so soft, durable and luxurious. I almost didn’t want to put them on my skates… and for good reason. See image below (and yes I cried a little and was totes gutted. However, that’s what they are made for):

When it comes to choosing what you want, I was given the option of choosing colours and materials, which means they are made 100% to your specifications – which I loved.

From the moment they were on my skates, it just gave them (and possibly me) a little more of a derby identity and added a little bit of fun to my gear, which I adore.

Overall I am so happy with my snouts (and so are loads of my teammates who have ordered, too) and, when I need to, will be purchasing another pair – maybe with a change in material choices.

If you play derby or skate for fun, I would 100% recommend purchasing a pair of these gorgeous snouts, even if they are just to jazz up your skates!

Disclosure: I purchased these snouts myself and this post is not sponsored. 

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