Sweetie Box – November

It’s that time of the month again, when I have the (freaking amazing) opportunity to indulge in an excessive amount of sweet treats and write about their deliciousness. Say hello to the November Sweetie Box!

Firstly I am going to let you in on what was in the November Sweetie Box, so that you have a good idea of the amazing variety that subscribers are presented with each month and so that you know exactly what you missed out on.

This month was all about chewy, gummy treats. With the addition of a few delicious biccies that featured in the September box – back by popular demand. I have to admit, I am glad they made a second appearance, as they truly are magical. So here goes.

Sweetie Box Contents

  • Cola Bottles: Chewy, gummy and packed with cola flavour punch that is sure to spark off some nostalgic memories from your past.
  • Wine Gums: We just can’t call ourselves experts in sweeties if we didn’t include these classic delicious fruity gums in at least one box.
  • Rambo Twists: Strawberry liquorice intertwined with vanilla icing. These are dedicated to out fans who have a serious sweet tooth.
  • Runts: This fruit flavoured hard candy just melts in your mouth after a crunch.
  • Nerds Rope: For those who like crunchy Nerds and chewy dummies…this is the combo you have been waiting for.
  • Yummy Zummies: Another awesome new sour apple and strawberry flavoured product from our friends at Knocker Doodle.
  • Darling Toffee Selection: Proudly South African artisanal toffee that we just couldn’t wait for you to try. (Please post your favourite flavour online and a full size version might be making an appearance in a feature box). #TannieEvita’sClassic #Honey&Salt #Orange&Pomegranate #Liquorice
  • Wedgewood Nougat Biscuits: We had such good reviews of these delicious bites of magic that we decided to give you another try but with three times the amount!

Here are my Thoughts


Cola Bottles: I have so many amazing memories that are brought back by these delicious goodies. My sister loved them so much that she used to buy a whole bag full from Sweets from Heaven. Although they were not my favourite back then, they grew on me over time and they are one of my fave sweets to much on. Soft, sweet and oh-so-juicy, these are a classic that will never go wrong. Rated: 4/5

Wine Gums: Oh my, these are one of my all time fave gummy sweets and are another classic that will never go wrong. When I opened my box to find their name on the label, I was so excited. Being a classic, I have had them many times before – not that I am complaining – and will relish every single one I put in my gob. Rated: 5/5

Rambo Twists: These remind me of the cream filled strawberry liquorice laces – did you get all of that? – only, they are inside out. I quite liked these goodies, although I found them bit hard to bite through, but all-in-al they were super tasty and filled my mouth with a strawberry-and-cream kind of flavour. Like the description said, they are for those with a hardcore sweet tooth, so they suited my quite well! Rated: 4/5


Runts: Ooooh, I have never had these before! *Takes first bite*. My first thought? Flip they are hard! Well, on the outside, as once you finally bite through their tough exterior (I had to suck on them for a couple of minutes first), they almost explode in your mouth filling it with a soft powder packed with unforgettable flavour. My fave out of the bunch was the banana by far, it just exploded with flavour and was not as tangy as the rest. Rated: 4/5


Nerds Rope: Another sweet treat I have tried before – thanks to my sister, it’s her fave – eating a Nerds Rope is probably one of the weirdest experiences I have had related to sweets. The unexpected combination of the crunchy Nerds mixed with the soft interior of the rope takes you by surprise and really caught me off guard, however it’s a delightful combination once you take your third or fourth bite and get used to it. Rated: 4/5


Yummy Zummy: Wow, these are b-u-r-s-t-i-n-g with flavour. My mouth literally flooded with flavour as soon as I started to chew one of these strips. Both the strawberry and apple flavours are strong and delicious, however, they are not as sour as I thought, so I was a little disappointed. However, for those who are not keen on super-sour goodies, and would like to indulge in something with a bit of tang, these are the way to go! Rated: 3/5


Darling Toffee: I have never tried this brand of toffee until today, and I have to admit, it is now on my list of my fave locally produced products. All of the flavours are amazing, and each give you a completely different experience. I don’t think I can tell you what flavour I liked the most, because I liked them all in their own way. The liquorice toffee gives you a strong, slightly bitter taste that is complimented with a slight sweetness, whereas the orange and pomegranate toffee encompasses subtly fruity notes that linger long after you have swallowed the toffee. I think this has to be my fave product in the box! Rated: 5/5


Angels Nougat BiscuitsThese biccies featured in the very first Sweetie Box that came out in September, and they are back by popular demand! And I have to say, that after I tasted them for the very first time in September, I have had a packet in my cupboard since then. I absolutely adore these crunchy, tasty, sweet and absolutely mind blowing biscuits, and I was so happy to see them featuring in this month’s box again. Rated: 5/5

I have to say – again – that the boys of Sweetie Box have outdone themselves – again. This box was a pleasant surprise and included a variety of delicious products I have never tried before and a few that I have tried, and absolutely love.

This amazing journey that I take every month with Sweetie Box is one I cherish so deeply, as I believe so strongly that they are bringing nothing but amazing products to our door each and every month without fail.

I cannot wait until next month. Until then, I will be over here eating my goodies!

If you want to see what was in last month’s box, you can read about it here. And if you want to sign up to this brilliant service and come along on the journey with us, visit their website here. You won’t regret it. Promise!

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